Apple Everywhere: New Brick Images, New iPhone Rumors


Amidst this morning's news of an $800 Apple laptop, reported first here at The Inquisitr, come a couple more bits of Apple-related gossip.

First, the new images: An blog has posted three new shots of what may be the new MacBook case utilizing the "Brick" manufacturing process. They're not quite the same as the last shot, posted at MacRumors last night -- these new ones seem to have a smaller screen and no speaker grills and look more like a typical MacBook Air case. Think they're real?

Second, there's a rumor of a new security flaw in the iPhone. A blogger says his pre-teen son's attempts to keep his text conversations private exposed the problem. The boy, he says, would activate password lock and disable SMS preview to keep his parents from seeing incoming messages from his girlfriend. The blogger, however, discovered that if he switched the phone to emergency mode, the settings would be overridden -- and the SMS previews would be displayed.

"All I need to do to intercept the messages from his girlfriend is to place the phone in emergency mode and wait 30 seconds for the next sickly sweet message," he says.

Apple hasn't yet responded.