Kim Kardashian Says She 'Doesn't Get Why People Are So Shocked' When She Poses Nude

Emily Hutchinson

Kim Kardashian is responding to the backlash surrounding her latest nude photo shoot. Shortly after the reality star shared a number of very risqué photos of her body across social media to promote her new perfume, she told E! News this week that she's not entirely sure why everyone is so shocked when she shows some skin.

Speaking to the site about what inspired her to go nude once again, Kim explained that she made the decision to go without clothes because her new fragrance is so "sexy."

"Overall, it's a really sexy fragrance. It reminds me of summer. It just evokes a sexiness to me," Kim explained. "[The photo shoot] is definitely revealing, but I've been revealing. I don't think that's anything new."

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star then continued of the backlash that followed her latest nude shoot, "I don't get why people are so shocked when I do a revealing shoot. I do so many of them."

She then revealed to the outlet that she did another shoot in addition to the one she's been teasing on social media over the past few days, but decided that she just preferred the nude images to promote her latest business venture.

Kim added that she felt it was the perfect time to pose nude once again and put her body on full display for the world because she's in such great shape right now. As Inquisitr reported at the time, Kardashian recently revealed that she's on an extreme diet ahead of the MET gala and revealed how she'd lost five pounds in just four days.

"I spent the last eight to 10 months fully working out with my trainer. I swear I've never been in better shape than I am now," Kardashian continued to E! News this week. "So, why not, you know?"

One snap even showed the mom of three completely without clothes and covered in grey plaster to form a mold for her new perfume bottle - which is set to be released on April 30 - while others featured her laying naked on a bed and on a table.

One of her biggest critics over her latest campaign was talk show host Wendy Williams, who slammed Kim's latest nude photo shoot as "pathetic" while discussing the reality star during the Hot Topics segment of The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week, per Metro.

"Here goes Kim," Wendy said on her daytime talk show, admitting that she felt the reality star is either just having a "boring day" or may be trying to distract from husband Kanye West's recent Twitter meltdowns.

"She posts this picture — nude. Totally nude. Totally done, no razor bumps, no ingrown hairs, no nothing," Wendy continued, praising Kim for her body before then adding, "But how pathetic is she? How pathetic!"