Ray Lewis Retirement Billboard Approaches Zero In New England

According to a billboard in New England, Ray Lewis will be retiring in about 24 hours.

Lewis is currently one loss, or one Super Bowl win, away from retirement. The Baltimore Ravens will be playing the New England Patriots tomorrow night and Boston seems pretty confident that Ray Lewis’ retirement party will commence at the end of the fourth quarter.

ESPN reports that a few Ray Lewis retirement billboards have sprung up around Boston over the last few days. But Ravens fans aren’t too bothered by the billboard. Some even think that it’s nice of the Patriots to throw Ray Lewis a retirement party, and even nicer of them to give him a trip to the Super Bowl.

One user writes on a Ravens message board:

“I think it’s perfect. The Ravens will definitely party on that field while getting the Lamar Hunt Trophy. They will definitely party for Ray’s last game at that stadium. The Patriot fans are more than welcome to stick around and join in the celebration.”

Ray Lewis is one of the greatest linebackers to play in the NFL and it will be a big event when he walks away from the game. Quarterback Joe Flacco, however, said that the Ravens, and Ray Lewis, aren’t thinking about retirement at the moment.

Flacco said:

“You guys ask so many questions about it, and you make a big deal about it … When we’re out there playing on Sunday, that’s the last thing we’re really thinking about.”

What do you think of the Ray Lewis billboard? Will the countdown expire on Sunday night?