'Quantico' Spoilers: Season 3 Brings Time Jump, Trouble For Shelby, And New Waves Of Action For Alex And Ryan

Stacy Carey

ABC's Quantico Season 3 begins Thursday night and spoilers tease that there are big twists and turns ahead. Everybody was left hanging a bit when it came to Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth at the end of the last finale, and there are signs pointing toward some major shifts as new episodes kick back into gear again. What Quantico spoilers are available heading into the April 26 show?

Star Priyanka Chopra did a Facebook live session ahead of the premiere and she shared a few Quantico spoilers. When asked for a status update on Alex and Ryan's relationship, she shared that there is a big shocker on the way on this front. From the looks of things, Ryan and Alex will actually not be together romantically as the action kicks off again. However, that may change rather quickly.

There is a new showrunner for the ABC series heading into this next adventure and he shared some Quantico spoilers with Entertainment Weekly. Showrunner Michael Seitzman says that there is a three-year time jump in play here and only a few familiar faces return. He notes that this gives potential new viewers the perfect opportunity to jump in and start watching without missing a beat, but returning viewers will have plenty to embrace as well.

Priyanka is back as Alex Parrish, of course, and Jack McLaughlin's Ryan Booth is returning as well. Viewers will see Johanna Braddy reprise her role as Shelby Wyatt, and Blair Underwood returns as Owen Hall, too. Russell Tovey's Harry Doyle is in Season 3, but at this point, it looks like that's it for returnees. Marlee Matlin does join the crew as ex-FBI agent Jocelyn Turner and Variety notes that there are 13 episodes slated to air in Season 3.

As Season 3 debuts, it appears that Alex is living in Italy and has fallen for a man named Andrea, a vineyard worker who has a 7-year-old daughter named Isabella. Quantico spoilers note that Andrea is played by Italian actor Andrea Bosca, and Isabella is played by Emma Gea Celotto Signorini. While viewers apparently won't get the full story regarding Alex's life with Andrea and Isabella in Italy right away, answers will be revealed in future episodes.

Quantico spoilers from ABC indicate that, during "The Conscience Code," Ryan will be reaching out to Alex, asking her to leave Italy and help him resolve a critical case. It seems that an arms dealer called "The Widow" will be holding Shelby hostage and he wants something that only Alex can give him in exchange for Shelby's safety. Alex will, of course, head back to the United States to rejoin Ryan, Harry, and Owen in order to save Shelby.

Will this reset work to keep old viewers coming back and lure in new viewers? Quantico spoilers indicate that things will get off to an intense and fast-paced start as Priyanka Chopra and the rest of the crew kick off Season 3 and fans will be dying to see how everything unfolds.