PS Plus Free Games For May Include 'Beyond: Two Souls' And 'Rayman Legends'

PlayStation 4 owners with PS Plus subscriptions have a pair of interesting titles to add to their library for free in May. Sony announced Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends in the lineup along with a handful of PS4 and PS Vita titles.

Sony will update the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, May 1 with the new lineup of free titles for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The complete slate is as follows:

  • Beyond: Two Souls(PS4)
  • Rayman Legends (PS4)
  • King Oddball(PS Vita with PS4 and PS3 Crossbuy)
  • Risen 3: Titan Lords (PS3)
  • Eat Them!(PS3)
  • Furmins(PS Vita)
As a reminder, the April PS Plus games are still available until the PlayStation Store is updated with the May titles. Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo are available for free on the PS4 along with In Space We Brawl, 99 Vidas, and Q*Bert Rebooted. Toy Home is available as well for the PS3.

Beyond: Two Souls

The inclusion of Beyond: Two Souls in the May lineup of free PS Plus games is a sly bit of marketing on Sony's part. This was the last title from first-party developer Quantic Dreams in 2015 who is also about to release Detroit: Become Human on May 25.

The developer is known for creating graphically spectacular interactive drama titles. These are not typical action-adventure games as the action falls somewhere between Telltale's choice-and-consequence games like The Walking Dead and Tomb Raider. There are quick time events, of course, but some stealth mechanics and other gameplay elements too along with a heavy emphasis on story and character interaction. It's not for everybody, however, as the mix review scores on Metacritic show with a 72 overall aggregate score.

Rayman Legends

This is an older title from Ubisoft as Rayman Legends was originally released in 2013 for the last-generation of consoles before re-releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One in 2014 with upgraded graphics and other features. It is still one of the best console platform games released in the past few years and it's addition to the PS Plus lineup for May offers a chance for those who haven't tried the game yet to see what the fuss is about.

Rayman Legends for the PS4 scored an overwhelmingly positive 90 review on Metacritic for many of the same reasons the original releases were praised. The game sports gorgeous graphics, wonderful level design with a variety of experiences, and co-op play. The new PS4 features such as better graphics and a smoother framerate just made the experience all the better.