Joy-Anna Duggar Shares An Update On 2-Month-Old Gideon, Makes Her ‘Happy Boy’ Smile In Sweet Video

Austin & Joy Forsyth Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar recently broke her social media silence to celebrate her son turning 2 months old. The Counting On star delighted her fans by sharing a new video of baby Gideon cooing and smiling, and she revealed that the little boy had a very good reason for being so happy.

On Wednesday, Joy-Anna Duggar, 20, took to Instagram to give her followers a rare update on her infant son. She and her husband, 24-year-old Austin Forsyth, don’t post on social media as often as some other members of the Duggar clan do, so fans were pleasantly surprised by the slideshow of photos that she decided to share with them. Better yet, her post included an adorable video of baby Gideon.

Gideon turned 2 months old on April 23, and Joy-Anna Duggar marked the occasion the same way she did when her son celebrated his first month of life. For the second time, the first-time mom laid the baby boy down on a monthly milestone blanket marked with numbers one through 12. However, this time she placed an empty wooden frame around the number two instead of the number one.

For his 2-month birthday, Joy-Anna dressed Gideon up in a dark blue onesie featuring a white nautical print and a smiling pirate crab character.

The Duggar daughter’s slideshow includes a photo of Gideon wearing a gray and white striped hat and a gray shirt with a cartoon raccoon on it, as well as a snapshot of the laughing little boy looking nice and cozy in a green knitted blanket. However, it’s Joy-Anna’s video of Gideon that fans are really gushing over. In it, she brings up what seems to be her son’s favorite topic of conversation: food.

“Hey, happy boy. Did you eat for an hour?” Joy-Anna can be heard asking Gideon off-camera. “Yeah. Was it good? Yeah. Did you like it? Can you talk?”

Gideon does try to carry on a conversation with his mom by responding to her with a few contented coos. His big toothless grin also lets her know that he thoroughly enjoyed his lunch.

According to Joy-Anna, Austin Forsyth doesn’t make an appearance in the family video because he went to work “on the dozer.” However, she reveals that he’s working within walking distance of the house, and she says that she plans on taking Gideon to go see his daddy later.


Speaking of Austin, most of Joy-Anna Duggar’s followers seemed to be in agreement that he’s the parent whom Gideon resembles most.

“Wow, not a duggar feature on him! Lol!” wrote one fan.

“So cute, looks like his Daddy!” another remarked.

Joy-Anna Duggar is clearly enamored with her little Austin look-alike, and it looks like motherhood might be a breeze for her now that she’s found the secret to keeping him happy: Keeping his stomach full.