‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dr. Bensch Now Has Leverage Against Kiki, Uses Griffin To Get Back At Her

Kiki better watch out because her mentor has become more and more obsessed with getting back at her for rejecting him.

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Kiki better watch out because her mentor has become more and more obsessed with getting back at her for rejecting him.

Kiki Jerome has had a tough time lately on General Hospital after she found out that her mentor, Dr. Bensch, is after more than just seeing her career in medicine take off. There was a reason that she moved into the program so quickly. She is faced with sexual harassment in the workplace and she has no intention of telling anyone about it. According to a recap by Soap Central, Griffin Munro happened to overhear Bensch being quite mean to Kiki as she was shadowing him for the day. He questioned her about it, but she still didn’t admit anything was wrong.

In fact, Kiki made sure that Griffin would not talk to Dr. Bensch at all about the way he treated her. She is worried about getting kicked out of the program, so she is willing to put up with whatever Bensch throws at her. He is intent on making her life miserable at General Hospital and now he may have some leverage to use against her.

Kiki gave Griffin a hug at the end of their conversation, but there was a lurker in the shadows. Bensch was just around the corner watching them with a smirk on his face. It looks like he has something on his mind after seeing them and it can’t be good.

Dr. Bensch had crossed the line when he planted a kiss on Kiki in his office. When she rejected his advances, he has continued to berate her. Now that he has seen how close she is with Griffin, the wheels are turning in his head thinking of a way to use that against her. If she chooses to eventually report him, he could very well say that she is overly friendly with other doctors as well.

There were General Hospitalrumors floating around that Kiki and Griffin would eventually have a fling. That hasn’t happened, but Dr. Bensch might somehow turn it around to look like they are. Griffin and Ava are having relationship problems at the moment, so this could play right into it.

Kiki may at some point let Griffin, or someone else, in on what Dr. Bensch has been doing to her. But for now he is continuing to make life difficult for her, and she may have just made it easier for him to make sure she doesn’t ruin his job at GH.