WWE Swerves Audience On 'Smackdown Live,' Daniel Bryan To Face Big Cass At 'Backlash'

On Tuesday, it was announced on Smackdown Live that WWE fan-favorite Daniel Bryan will face Big Cass at Backlash. The angle for the Backlash match was set up on Smackdown Live when the two WWE superstars had an altercation. The Miz made his Smackdown return with Miz TV, and though the WWE advertised Daniel Bryan as his guest, it was Big Cass who came down to the ring.

In a near-20-minute segment, Cass cut a promo comparing himself to Bryan. After the promo, Bryan was shown backstage lying on the ground grimacing in pain. Towards the end of Smackdown Live, it was revealed that Bryan was attacked by Cass. Daniel told Renee Young that Paige booked a match between him and Cass at Backlash. And while that may seem very exciting, the WWE universe was expecting a different altercation on Miz TV; an altercation that's been in the making for nearly two years.

It was August 2016 when Daniel Bryan and The Miz had their epic confrontation on the now-cancelled WWE Network show Talking Smack. At the time, WWE doctors had not cleared Daniel Bryan to perform in the ring. Bryan told The Miz that he thinks his style of wrestling is cowardice and wrestled too soft. The Miz then cut the promo of his career.

WWE superstars Miz and Daniel Bryan advertised for Smackdown Live.

Miz stated that he wrestles the way he does so he can do his job week in and week out. He said that being a coward is Bryan not quitting the WWE to wrestle somewhere else since he "loves wrestling" so much. The segment quickly went viral and The Miz's popularity within the WWE universe has grown ever since.

With Daniel Bryan now being cleared to wrestle and with The Miz now being apart of the Smackdown Live roster, the WWE universe on Tuesday were expecting the two to confront each other in the ring. But it looks like the WWE has decided to do a slow-burn build of these two, and those types of builds often lead to many amazing matches. In the meantime, The Miz did take to Twitter after Smackdown Live to taunt Daniel Bryan.While the WWE universe may not have gotten what they had hoped for on Smackdown, they can look forward to Daniel Bryan taking on Big Cass at Backlash.