Walt Disney World Releases Room-Only Discount For Those Who Can't Snag Free Dining In Fall 2018

Early on Tuesday morning, Walt Disney World released their "Free Disney Dining" discount which sent people into a frenzy, but there are even more ways to save. While the free dining discount is one that most everyone waits for, it does not cover all dates or resorts and doesn't work for the budget of everyone. A room-only offer was also released on Tuesday morning, and it is a great way for guests to save some money on their WDW trips into early October.

Sometimes, guests simply don't need everything that comes along with the free dining discount as some won't eat enough and others have annual passes already. With that in mind, the room-only offer is available, but there are limitations on it as well.

As reported by My Mickey Vacation Travel, guests can look to book the Enchanted Escape room-only discount which could save them up to 25 percent on their Walt Disney World Resort room. If you're looking to take a trip in the late summer or early fall, this could be the one for you.

Room availability is very limited as it is with all discounts, so you will not want to wait on this one. Even if you already have a room booked at a WDW Resort, it does not guarantee you can simply apply or receive the discount.

walt disney world free dining room only discount 2018 fall winter
Danny Cox

Guests need to be aware that not all resorts will take part in giving these room-only discounts, but it never hurts to check. Here are all of the details you need to know in regard to getting this discount applied to your trip.

Must book by:

  • September 7, 2018
Travel dates:
  • Most nights August 2 through October 7, 2018
Discount amounts:
  • Select Value Resorts - 20 percent
  • Select Moderate Resorts - 10 to 25 percent
  • Select Deluxe Resorts - 15 to 25 percent
  • Select Deluxe Villas - 15 to 25 percent
walt disney world free dining room only discount 2018 fall winter
Danny Cox

For those wanting to book the Enchanted Escape discount, it's not out of the question to turn it from a room-only stay into a full-on vacation package. As shown on the official website of Walt Disney World, guests have the option of adding tickets and dining to turn it into the Enchanted Escape Late Summer Vacation Package.

The one major difference you will want to notice is that the travel dates do change a bit from the room-only as these dates are:

  • Stays most Sundays through Thursday
  • August 12 through October 4, 2018
There is also the Kid-Size Enchanted Escape offer which may be even more beneficial to you, but you'll need to run the numbers to see what best fits your budget. Don't forget that not all resorts are included and some are excluded entirely from any discounts this year.

This is the time of year that huge Disney fans really like to get involved in all the chaos that comes with the Free Disney Dining discount. While it's great for some, it isn't a perfect fit for everyone and that is why Disney brings forth multiple offers. The room-only discount could really end up saving guests a lot and that is especially true when heading to Walt Disney World during the dates of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, but don't wait to get yours or it will be too late.