'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nurses Ball Red Carpet Host Announced

General Hospital has always made the Nurses Ball a special event. In years past, it has only lasted for a show or two, and this year, it looks like it will be formatted the same. The actors get dressed up in character and get to experience a scripted gala. General Hospital viewers look forward to seeing what happens and seeing who performs on the stage.

The host of the red carpet arrivals for the Nurses Ball changes from year to year. This time, General Hospital made a surprising casting choice. According to TV Insider, Nick Viall will be the one who hosts the red carpet event for General Hospital. This was shocking to viewers who have seen him on The Bachelor, especially knowing his background. He not only participated on both of the main shows of the franchise, but he also made a spectacle of himself while doing it.

There have been rumors circulating that Viall used his position in reality television as a stepping stone into an acting career. Having him host the Nurses Ball is a little risky, especially if viewers know him from The Bachelor. Viall will interact with the actors as they arrive at the gala, asking them questions and possibly being woven into the storyline.

Details about the General Hospital Nurses Ball this year are scarce at the moment. The only thing confirmed is that Nick Viall is going to be hosting the red carpet event and greeting everyone as they arrive. Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) did bring up the event while talking to Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) during a recent episode. It will likely be a big production, something General Hospital fans have come to expect.

May sweeps are rolling in quickly for General Hospital. The Nurses Ball is always tied into a dramatic storyline, and speculation that Faison's (Anders Hove) son's identity will be revealed has been floating around. May 16 is the beginning of the event, which is approximately three weeks away. With filming beginning this week, there are likely more spoilers that will be leaked in the coming days. With Nick Viall announced as the red carpet host, it is a step in the right direction, and a signal things are almost ready for the General Hospital Nurses Ball.