Chicago White Sox Move Pitcher Danny Farquhar To 60-Day Disabled List

After surviving a significant scare, Chicago White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar will have to fight in order for his life to return to normalcy. So far, the early results appear promising.

Farquhar underwent brain surgery on Monday to repair a ruptured brain aneurysm, according to ESPN. Farquhar's surgery comes just three days after experiencing perhaps the most frightening moments of his life. Friday, while the White Sox were playing the Houston Astros, it was an immediate reaction which likely saved Danny Farquhar's life.

Farquhar was rushed to the hospital after fainting inside of the Chicago White Sox dugout. It was a horrific moment, which took place shortly after he came out into the sixth inning and faced four Houston Astros' hitters.

The White Sox pitcher collapsed suddenly, as his team was up to bat in the seventh inning. White Sox medical officials acted quickly, hurrying Farquhar to Rush University Medical Center. By Sunday, he was stable, yet listed in critical condition, according to Bleacher Report.

News on Farquhar suffering from a brain hemorrhage due to his ruptured brain aneurysm caused a stir across Major League Baseball. Players and representatives from every team offered their full support, while wishing a speedy recovery for their ailing comrade. Danny Farquhar is currently on the mend, however, his pitching days for the Chicago White Sox will have to take an obvious back seat.

The Chicago White Sox removed Danny Farquhar from the 10-day disabled list and transferred him to the 60-day DL, according to 670 The Score. With long-term health as the focal point, it is uncertain when the White Sox relief pitcher will leave the hospital, let alone return to the pitching mound.
Farquhar's route to land on a MLB roster and remain on it has already been a struggle. The Chicago White Sox are the fourth MLB team for the 31-year-old. Farquhar has pitched in MLB for seven seasons. His White Sox debut was last year, and he appeared in 15 games and posted a 4.40 ERA in those appearances.

Prior to joining the White Sox, Farquhar pitched for the Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, and the Toronto Blue Jays. While trying to latch on with an MLB team, Farquhar was called up and sent down several times.