‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava’s Anger Towards Sonny Over Avery May Cost Her Dearly

Ava is on the warpath against Sonny, and she is out for blood once again.

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Ava is on the warpath against Sonny, and she is out for blood once again.

Ava Jerome has had it with Sonny, and General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central tease that she will be taking her anger out on Mike Corbin this week. She will once again have Sonny’s father arrested for taking her daughter, Avery. She views this as kidnapping, despite the fact that she knows this is a special case. Mike is suffering from Alzheimer’s and was confused when he took little Avery. She is okay after Dante found the two in a horse barn, but now Ava wants Jordan to throw Mike in jail.

Ava becomes even more agitated this week about this situation involving Avery. In addition to having Mike arrested, she demands that Sonny hand Avery over to her for safekeeping. As all of this ruckus is happening at the PCPD, Griffin is also watching this unfold. He stood by Ava when her daughter went missing. He is happy that she is now safe and sound. However, he is always filled with compassion towards people, and this is not what he sees in Ava at the moment.

General Hospital spoilers for this week also states that Ava will have a meeting with Scott Baldwin. This suggests that since he is a lawyer, and also a friend, she will enlist him to help her gain custody of Avery. Ava is seeking revenge against Sonny, and the way to do it is to hit him where it hurts the most. This will be the ultimate way to make Sonny pay for keeping her away from their little girl.

This is going to be one tough battle for Sonny as he is caught between his father’s deteriorating health and his love for his daughter. He is trying to do what is best for both of them and Ava will not be making it easy at all. This could break Sonny, and Griffin will not like what he sees in Ava. She is showing her true colors right now.

Griffin is a former priest who loves others unconditionally, which is why he was able to see another side to Ava. He is also a doctor who has diagnosed Mike with Alzheimer’s. He hasn’t quite made the big step of telling Ava that he loves her, but he has formed a tight relationship with her. It doesn’t look like that Ava will show any compassion for Mike. In fact, she will see this as more of an opportunity to gain control over Sonny and get her daughter back with her.

This is expected to be one huge battle, and Griffin may not stick around to see Ava in action. This may turn out to be Ava’s self-destruction, which will cost her dearly. Stay tuned to General Hospital this week to see how Griffin reacts when Ava refuses to show any compassion for Mike.