‘One Piece’ Chapter 903 Predictions: Reverie Arc Up Next, Admiral Ryokugyu Appears, Per ‘The Anime Scrolls’

After the Whole Cake Island arc, will 'One Piece' Chapter 903 feature Reverie arc?

One Piece Chapter 903 Reverie Arc
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After the Whole Cake Island arc, will 'One Piece' Chapter 903 feature Reverie arc?

One Piece Chapter 902 featured how the Strawhat Pirates managed to escape from Big Mom’s territory, thanks to the combined efforts of the Germa 66 and the Sun Pirates. The chapter also marked the end of the Whole Cake Island arc, meaning that a new arc will begin at One Piece Chapter 903. While most fans are excited to see what is happening in Wano Kingdom, the upcoming arc could be about the meeting of all the powerful leaders in the world, according to The Anime Scrolls.

A Reverie is an event that takes place in the Holyland of Mariejois every four years. Leaders from 50 nations will be gathering to discuss matters of concern all around the world and establish future guidelines. In the previous Reverie, only a few leaders showed up. Fortunately, more of them are expected to appear in the next event since wars among kingdoms in the New World were minimized after the defeat of Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the main smugglers of weapons.

Some of the known characters who will attend the Reverie include Nefeltari Cobra, Vivi of Alabasta, King Stelly of Goa Kingdom, Dalton of Sakura Kingdom, Wapol of Black Drum Kingdom, King Riku of Dressrosa, and Elizabello II of Prodence Kingdom. King Neptune, together with his three sons and Shirahoshi, could also come to potentially discuss interacting once again with humans. However, this could be dangerous for the mermaid princess since the World Government may already know that she is the ancient weapon Poseidon.

The Reverie isn’t expected to go smoothly. The main intention of King Cobra for attending the event is to ask about the Poneglyphs and the participation of the Nefeltari family in the Void Century. This could anger the Gorosei and the World Nobles since it is a huge secret. The reunion of Dalton and Wapol could also lead to conflict. To avoid unpleasant situations during the event, the Gorosei could assign two Navy admirals to strengthen the security.

Navy Admiral Fujitora is still on a mission after letting the Strawhat Pirates escape at Dressrosa, which means that Navy Admiral Kizaru and the newest navy admiral, Ryokugyu, will show up in the event. As of now, there is only a little information about the new admiral, but Doflamingo described him and Fujitora as “Beasts.” One Piece Chapter 903 could finally reveal his appearance, and there is also a possibility that they will be giving information about his devil fruit power and abilities.