‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid And Tommy Feight Are Married

Mercedes 'MJ' Javid and Tommy Feight are finally married! The couple met on Tinder and tied the knot on Saturday.

'Shahs Of Sunset' Star Mercedes Javid is married!
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Mercedes 'MJ' Javid and Tommy Feight are finally married! The couple met on Tinder and tied the knot on Saturday.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid is finally married! The Shahs Of Sunset star tied the knot on Saturday with her fiancé, Tommy Feight, according to E! News. The newlyweds had been engaged since 2015 after meeting on Tinder.

The loving couple was surrounded by their closest friends and family, including Javid’s Bravo co-stars, when they said, “I do.” Mike Shouhed created an Instagram story to show off his classy black-tie outfit. Shouhed captioned the video clips with several red heart emoji’s.

Javid and Tommy’s romance has been captured on the hit Bravo reality television show. The couple’s nuptials were filmed as well and will be shown in the upcoming season of Shah’s Of Sunset.

Javid, at 45-years-old, has been looking for love for quite some time now. The reality television star opened up about the relationship to E! News.

“We got engaged a year in and then we went through a lot of ups and downs with family and just a lot of life curveballs… My dad took a turn for his health … and Tommy and I moved in together. All of these stressful things just made our bond even tighter and when you have so many important life things happening, you don’t pick fights with each other. You just want to stay sane and have as much gratitude and support for one another.”

Mercedes said that she fell in love with Tommy before they had even met in person.

“We were talking on the phone, I hadn’t met him yet… And I was like, ‘I love you.’ You know what is messed up? We can’t remember when he told me that he loved me.”

After saying “I love you,” to Tommy before they’d met when the couple finally did meet, Feight said that things got physical.

“We watched Friends and humped.”

Mercedes gushed about her big day and told E! News that her wedding gown would be Pedram Couture. Javid previously told the news outlet that she wanted the celebration “to be as small and intimate as possible.”

As for the guest list, Javid said that “every single person invited is someone that is a really important part of my life and Tommy’s as well.”

However, anyone who initially disapproved or had little faith in the couple’s union was not in attendance, according to People magazine.

“Maybe 200-ish [guests]… And you won’t be there if you were rooting for us to fail.”

Mercedes and Tommy exchanged vows after 5 p.m. on the rooftop patio of the hotel, which had striking views of the Los Angeles skyline.

Reza Farahan was Javid’s “man of honor,” and served as one of her three male bridesmaids. Javid’s dog was the ring bearer during the ceremony.

According to Us Weekly, Mercedes said that there was chaos all around her as she fitted for her wedding dress. There were also conversations about jewelry and tiaras. Surprisingly enough, the Shahs Of Sunset star said that she was the most relaxed in the room.

As for wedding vows, Mercedes admitted that she was “winging it.”

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Regardless of the chaos around her on her wedding day, Mercedes revealed to Us Weekly before the wedding that she had hoped that the wedding and reception would go by in “slow motion.” The reality star said that she was told by everyone that the ceremony would go by quickly. Mercedes said that she was most looking forward to the abundance of love that would be surrounding them as they exchanged their vows.