Zayn Malik Gets A New Tattoo And Gigi Hadid Is A Fan

Rachel Dillin

Singer Zayn Malik debuted both a new haircut and a massive new tattoo. His new look got some love from his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

On Friday, according to an Us Weekly report, the former One Direction member posted an interesting video of a unique flower tattoo on his head that wraps around his left ear. His shaved hairstyle revealed the artwork, which joins his vast collection of ink displayed all over his body.

The former couple appears to still be on friendly terms since announcing the end of their relationship on March 13. They started dating in late 2015 after Hadid's relationship with singer Joe Jonas ended.

In announcements following their split, the former couple said they intended to remain friends, and that's what they seem to be doing. Previously, Malik revealed to fans tattoos of Hadid's eyes on his chest.

Of course, some fans believe perhaps all the love between these two mean they could be back together, according to a People report. Adding to the rumors, last week (shortly before he posted his new flower tattoo and hairstyle on Instagram), the 25-year-old "Let Me" singer visited his ex-girlfriend and left her house the next day wearing the same hoodie. Neither stars' reps commented on the visit or the rumors about a possible reunion.

While many of the former couple's fans hope to see them reunite, perhaps they are merely moving on to the next phase of their relationship as good friends. Afterall, they both pledged to remain friends when they parted ways, and while many times people say that when they break up, perhaps these two actually meant it. They both believed they would be together forever, and maybe this is their way of staying in each other's lives in a way that works for them.