OMG Stop the Web! Twitter is gonna run ads – and Scoble says you’ll love it

Hang on a sec and let me check out the window and see if the world is still spinning….

Yup at least that is still normal but in the world of social media everybody’s darling let it out today at yet some other silly conference that they will be rolling out an advertising format that will just amaze everyone over its incredibleness.

Well if you listen to Robert Scoble this is the impression you’ll get; but c’mon this is a guy that cried at seeing the World Wide Telescope.

This is a huge shift in what Twitter is saying publicly.

But advertising isn’t something many people love. So, how will Twitter make advertising you love?

By building a SuperTweet!

Wow, a SuperTweet – someone pass me a tissue quick, I think I’m going to lose it.

Seriously though it is about time that Twitter did something that would come even close to justifying the billion dollar valuation that the company has gotten the last time they went back to the VC teat. All this means is that suddenly we are going to get tweets loaded down with a whole bunch of metadata crap and links attached to what we have written – so really who’s going to care?


Thought so.