Josh And Anna Duggar Threw A ‘Gender Reveal’ Party For Family Members

Josh And Anna Duggar Help Out With A Gender Reveal Party
Josh Duggar / Twitter

Josh and Anna Duggar recently made a rare appearance together in a video shared by family members. The former 19 Kids and Counting stars don’t pop up on social media much these days thanks to the sex scandals that caused Josh to fall out of favor with many members of the evangelical Christian community. However, the couple’s families have not shunned them, and Anna’s sister and brother-in-law even asked her and Josh to plan their “gender reveal” party.

During their six years starring on 19 Kids and Counting, Josh and Anna helped popularize gender reveal parties by coming up with elaborate ways to announce whether they were expecting a boy or a girl. They were being filmed, after all, so they had to make the reveals as dramatic and exciting as possible for their admiring audience. The couple’s days of celebrating these big life moments on TV may be over for good, but the two still get the occasional opportunity to show off their party-planning skills.

When Anna Duggar’s sister, Priscilla, and her husband, David Waller, discovered they were expecting, of course they turned to the family members who have mastered the art of the gender reveal for help with their party. The couple shared the results of Anna and Josh’s hard work on Instagram.

“Children truly are a gift from the Lord and we are excited with each child God is given to us! We are thrilled to be expecting baby number four!” David and Priscilla wrote.

“Josh and Anna Duggar threw a wonderful gender reveal party with nearly all of Priscilla’s family able to make it for the special day.”

In the video David and Priscilla shared on their Instagram page, they’re sitting on their porch with their three young children. A big blue curtain has been set up behind them and a group of friends and family members are standing in front of them. Josh eventually emerges from behind the curtain, holding it open so that Anna can run out with a big box.

Pink smoke begins prematurely leaking from a smoke bomb inside the box as soon as Anna sets it down on the porch, and the thick substance “explodes” in the faces of David, Priscilla, and the kids when the container opens. There’s so much of it that Anna and Josh have to rush back in to move the box away from the family.

David and Priscilla Waller aren’t the only relatives of Josh and Anna that are expecting. Earlier this month, Josh’s sister, Jinger, and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, used an obstacle course and a neon sign to let their friends and family members know that they’re also expecting a baby girl. Josh and Anna Duggar are not pictured in any of the photos of the event on the TLC website.