‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 4: Althea Has Many Reasons Why She Is Collecting Stories

Could this story collecting be crucial to Season 4's plot?

The story collector of Fear the Walking Dead

Could this story collecting be crucial to Season 4's plot?

Episode 1 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead was titled “What’s Your Story?” It opened with John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) telling his story to the woods. As he concluded, Morgan (Lennie James) appeared, making his crossover from The Walking Dead to Fear. Once again, it was another story to tell. Then, further on in the episode, with the appearance of Althea (Maggie Grace), it was apparent there was more to the title than first anticipated. Althea, “Al” for short, was a journalist before the outbreak and is continuing in her journalistic endeavors by asking everyone she meets about their story. She records them during their “interviews” so there is a permanent record of their experiences.

While John Dorie was happy to talk about his story and elaborated on the mysterious Laura that he had mentioned at the start of the episode, Morgan was more tight-lipped about his story. Eventually, though, he did open up about his time with the folk in The Walking Dead. Already, fans of the show could see that Althea was intrigued by Morgan’s story and will likely try to get him to open up more about his time in Virginia as Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead progresses. After all, what journalist doesn’t love digging into a story and revealing the truth that a person is trying to keep hidden?

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 4 Premiere, Episode 1, What's Your Story, Morgan and Althea
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But, why is Althea doing this? Will this be crucial to the Season 4 storyline for Fear the Walking Dead?

According to an interview Maggie Grace did with Entertainment Weekly, there are many layers to the answer of why Althea is collecting stories in Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead.

“On one hand, there’s the personal. You know, we tell ourselves stories in order to live. And I do think this agenda is saving her life,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

As some fans suspected, Althea is determined to record a history of the apocalyptic event that saw the undead ambling among them. However, she has other reasons for recording these stories. Not only does Althea have a personal desire to record these stories, she is also using it as a sort of news service for those on the ground.

“And then, I think there’s a very practical side as well, in terms of, these are small societies being built from the ground up, and this is the closest thing that they have to news. So, there is that, and the ways these different sides interact, and different ways of building societies too. There’s that. I think also, in a way, it’s history rebooting. What are we leaving for those that come after us?”

As for why Althea is driving around in a S.W.A.T vehicle, there is a story behind that too. Although, as yet, Maggie Grace is not allowed to delve into the reason behind her acquisition. However, this story will be revealed in upcoming episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, so fans will have to wait to find out this answer just as they will with the rest of Althea’s story.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, April 22, at 9 p.m. ET. Zap2It lists the following synopsis for Episode 2, titled “Another Day in the Diamond.”

“A troubled survivor finds allies in an unexpected place; the life Madison has fought to build comes under threat.”