Bella Hadid Wears A String Bikini That Doubles As Reading Material, Has Her 'Wifey' Apply Her Sunscreen

Treva Bowdoin

If Bella Hadid decides that she wants to relax and enjoy some light reading while she's at the beach, all she has to do is look down at her swimsuit. The 21-year-old IMG model has been getting an early start on summer by spending some of her free time basking in the sun and showing off her impressive collection of bikinis on Instagram. She recently shared two new photos of her stylish two-pieces, one in a vibrant aqua blue hue and another featuring a fun newsprint design.

Because Bella Hadid is out in the sun so often, she's learned the importance of applying a liberal amount of SPF on her flawless skin. Unfortunately, her teeny-tiny bikinis don't provide much protection from the sun's harmful rays, and making sure that every inch of exposed flesh gets slathered with sunscreen is no easy task -- especially when it comes to that particularly pesky patch of skin right between the shoulder blades. As reported by Pop Culture, this is where her close friend Fanny Bourdette-Donon comes in.

On Friday, Bella Hadid shared an Instagram photo of Fanny applying sunscreen on her back. According to Popsugar, Bella is rocking a Chanel bikini in the sun-drenched snapshot, and she has the straps pulled down off her shoulders to make it easier for her pal to ensure that her back gets completely covered with sunscreen. The model was so grateful for Fanny's assistance that she referred to her friend as her "wifey."

"Always keep spf and wifey close," Bella captioned the bikini pic, which she embellished with two rose stickers.

Bella Hadid shared another bikini photo on Saturday afternoon, but this one was not taken beside the mansion's magnificent pool. It was a snapshot of Bella relaxing on the beach with another friend, Cully Smoller. The picture served as a promotion for a new beachwear line called Dipped in Blue Bikinis, and the two-piece that Bella is rocking in the image is certainly eye-catching enough to spark some interest in the brand. As you can see, the bikini is covered in newsprint.