Wrestling News: Scott Steiner Calls Dixie Carter A 'Dumb***,' And Slams 'Racist' Hulk Hogan

Never shy on controversial remarks, former WWE and WCW wrestler Scott Steiner has found himself back in the headlines for some contentious comments he recently made. The former WWE superstar will tag with Eli Drake this Sunday at Impact Wrestling Redemption. The duo will square-off against the Latin American Xchange (LAX), Santana and Ortiz, for the Impact World Tag Team Championship.

Recently, Steiner had a media conference call promoting the Impact Wrestling event, and per his usual, it didn't take long for the interview to go off the rails. As UPROXX reported, in took only a matter of seconds for the Impact Wrestling superstar to begin his typical tirade. When Steiner was initially greeted on the conference call he replied with a "f**k off," and the controversy only grew from there.

When asked about his upcoming tag team match against LAX, Scott Steiner said that Konnan (LAX's manager) will be carrying his bags after the match, and that Konnan might even come cut his grass. He then said he doesn't understand why President Trump wants to keep all of the Mexicans out of the U.S. "Big Poppa Pump" asked who's going to "cut the grass," and said it was a legitimate question.

After making racist remarks about Mexicans, which most people excuse because it is part of a wrestling storyline, he later called Hulk Hogan a racist on the call. The former WWE tag team champion was asked about all of the changes Impact Wrestling has faced through the years. He said that the company's first run with Jeff Jarrett at the helm was the best. He then remarked that it all went down the drain when "dumb**" Dixie Carter hired "racist" Hulk Hogan. He said the decision to bring in Hulk Hogan is what killed the company's run.

Of course, that wasn't the only controversial remarks made during the call. "Big Bad Booty Daddy" also talked about his robust life between the sheets, and "fat-***" people being tough due-to being physically and mentally abused, along with plenty of other antagonistic remarks. You can hear the entire interview below.

From calling Hulk Hogan a racist to stating that Konnan may cut his grass, former WWE superstar Scott Steiner continues to make wrestling news with his unhinged remarks.