Russell Brand Helps A Homeless Man Go Through A Bin [Pictures]

Russell Brand has been pictured rummaging through a dustbin, whilst trying to help a homeless man. You can check out pictures of the incident below.

Brand, who was on his way to his regular yoga class, saw that the vagrant was in need of help and wasn’t afraid to delve deep into the bin in order to help out the man in West Hollywood.

The comedian was joined by several friends who then began to joke around with the 37-year-old as he started to make various videos and pose for photographs.

Brand then even treated those around him to breakfast at a cafe situated close-by before heading off to exercise. However it also seems like the homeless man possessed a bevy of jokes himself as he appeared to have Brand in stitches throughout their walk.

This isn’t the first time the Englishman has bought a group of homeless people breakfast, as he treated some to food at the Newsroom Cafe last September too.

In the past he has also given out around $2,400 to a host of rough sleepers as Christmas presents. Last November though, the Arthur star did crash his Range Rover into a homeless man’s cart, which was filled to the brim with recyclables, whilst driving through Hollywood.

Brand spent Wednesday evening on a date with a mystery blonde in Los Angeles, taking her to the fancy French restaurant, Little Door. This was the second time he had been spotted with the pretty woman in the space of a week.

What do you think of Russell Brand? Do you find him funny?

Russell Brand helps a homeless man

Russell Brand helps a homeless man