Florida Tuskers complete first UFL season undefeated

The Florida Tuskers have completed the inaugural UFL season a perfect 6-0, and while that is a great accomplishment, the league has a few other things to be proud of. A lot has been written, or not written about the success of this league, the low attendance, and the low TV ratings, but after watching the game between the Tuskers and the California Redwoods last night, one this is assured the quality of play on the field is a strong selling point for this league. Now they just have to figure out how to get more people in the stands, and more people to watch the TV broadcasts.

While the Tuskers have dominated their UFL competition they may not be the best story of the first UFL season. Over the last two weeks the Redwoods have proven that they are the most improved UFL team. Last week they gave the second best team in this league, the Las Vegas Locos, about all they could handle, and last night they gave the Tuskers a hard challenge. If this team can learn to close out games in the second half, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Over the last few weeks we have seen the UFL really come of age. Regardless of what anyone says the games recently have been very entertaining and that is the foundation on which this league will be built. Since the first season only featured four teams many thought the match ups would be boring. It now seems the opposite is true since each team played the other teams twice it seems the match ups got better as the season progressed.

Playing each team twice allowed the opponent teams to readjust as they got more familiar with what each team was doing on the field. While many mocked the plan of the UFL, it now seems that it was a good plan, and as the team adds two teams for season number two, we can look forward to another season full of great competition on the field.

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