‘High’ Priority List Of Marijuana Culture-Centered Movies And TV Shows To Enjoy On This Stoner Holiday

Here's a 'high' priority lists of movies and TV shows for you to enjoy on this marijuana holiday!

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Here's a 'high' priority lists of movies and TV shows for you to enjoy on this marijuana holiday!

While we’ve used marijuana as an agent to achieve a high level of euphoria, the plant was originally used as an herbal remedy back in 500 B.C. According to History, the plant’s origins root from Central Asia before spreading to Africa, Europe, and the United States. The plant fibers were used for making clothing, sails, paper, and rope. The seeds were consumed as food. While in today’s society marijuana is primarily known for its medicinal benefits and euphoric high, it has served a lot of purposes over the years.

Today, marijuana even serves as a form of entertainment thanks to all the marijuana culture-centered movies and TV series. So, if you are looking for a marijuana-based TV series or movie to enjoy on this stoner holiday, here’s a list to consider.

‘High’ Priority List Of Movies To Enjoy On April 20

Here’s a list of the best movies to enjoy during this 4/20 holiday.

Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

For most who embrace the stoner culture, this movie is the very reason you crave White Castle every time you consume marijuana. This is a great movie to enjoy on 4/20 because of how relatable it is to anyone who has had the munchies for a very specific food item.

Half Baked

For a lot of people, Half Baked is the first marijuana movie they’ve ever seen. Many also believe this is the movie that launched Dave Chappelle’s career. The movie focuses on the story of three stoners on a mission to bail their friend from jail after accidentally killing a police horse during a munchie run.

Dazed And Confused

The story of Dazed and Confused focuses on students celebrating their summer vacation during the ’70s. There are several big-name actors who appeared in this movie before they peaked in Hollywood, including Ben Affleck. This movie shows you a glimpse of a time where students made bongs during shop class and parents were oblivious to marijuana use.

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay and Silent Bob are two huge personalities in the cannabis world. This movie focuses on Silent Bob and Jay’s attempt to destroy a movie that is based on them without giving them any credit or compensation. The only real goal of the main characters is to get paid and to cease the trash talk about them.


Ted is a film produced by Seth McFarlane – also credited for the creation of Family Guy. The movie focuses on a man named Mark Wahlberg who is struggling to manage his life with his best friend – a living and thinking teddy bear named Ted. Ted is not your typical sweet and loving teddy bear. In fact, Ted is not a teddy bear you want anywhere near children.

Grandma’s Boy

Grandma’s Boy focuses on the story of a man who lives with his grandmother while testing video games for a living. Aspiring to be a game developer, the man learns his grandmother is a very cool chick. As funny as this comedy is while sober, most agree you haven’t truly appreciated the movie until you’ve watched it with marijuana in your system.


Featuring both Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, Friday focuses on two jobless stoners who must find $200 for their drug dealer before they face serious consequences. This movie not only launched Ice Cube’s career, but it resulted in him landing roles in several other marijuana-focused movies.

Super Troopers

Produced back in 2001, Super Troopers is another big movie that comes to mind when you ponder over what to watch while stoned. The movie focuses on several Vermont State Troopers as they deal with budget cuts, police corruption, and the drug trade.

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‘High’ Priority List Of TV Shows To Enjoy On April 20 Continued

Here’s more of the best movies to enjoy during this 4/20 holiday.


Weeds is arguably one of the first TV shows that comes to mind when you think about cannabis culture on TV. This is one of the first series to bring suburban marijuana use and business in as the focal point of a series. Weeds focuses on a suburban mother who supports her family by selling marijuana. The series does a nice job balancing the comedy and real-life situations that come with being a suburban drug dealer. Most agree the series does an impressive job of trying to normalize marijuana use.


While some might argue Disjointed is not actually a TV series – it is a Netflix original series focused entirely on marijuana use. The series focuses on the story of a marijuana advocate who opens her own Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. Most of the show takes place inside of the dispensary.


While the Showtime series Shameless is not directly about or related to marijuana, the consumption of marijuana happens regularly in the series. Several of the main characters are very open about their use of marijuana. There are even several pretty marijuana-focused episodes such as Kevin and Lip’s marijuana business hidden in an ice cream truck.


Workaholics is a comedy that tells the story of three telemarketers named Blake, Adam, and Anders. The trio lives together in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The series focuses heavily on the normalization of drug use in the younger generation. In this series, cannabis use is not shocking or surprising – it is just as common as drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

That ’70s Show

That ’70s Show is one of the hottest rated sitcoms of all time. It was the TV series that launched the career of several different actors and actresses. The series focuses on a group of friends who have an insane number of smoke sessions together. When you think about marijuana-centered series, this is one of the first that comes to mind.

Regardless of what you decide to watch on this marijuana-centered holiday, you have a lot of great options to choose from.