Princess Caroline Of Monaco Is Telling All About Mother, Grace Kelly, In A New Book

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Princess Caroline, the eldest daughter of Grace Kelly of Monaco and Prince Rainier, is sharing stories from her childhood in a new bo0k, Albert II of Monaco, The Man and The Price. Princess Caroline is revealing that the early part of her life was spent in the care of the help rather than her parents and that her nanny, Maureen Wood, was more significant in her life and the lives of her siblings, Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie.

In the book, Albert II of Monaco, The Man and The Price, by Isabelle Rivère and Peter Mikelbank, Princess Caroline of Monaco says that her mother, Grace Kelly, used to have dinner with her father and not with herself and her siblings, says T&C.

Princess Caroline Said Her Strongest Bond Was Not With Her Mother, Grace Kelly

Princess Caroline says that the nanny, Maureen Wood, was the go-to person in the lives of herself and Prince Albert.

“For my brother and I, Maureen was a key figure in our life. When we were little, we were probably closer to our nanny than to our parents.”

Princess Caroline said that they dreaded the nanny’s days off and vacation time.

“We were sad for days. Most often than not, our mother would end up calling her to ask her to come home earlier than planned.”


Princess Caroline Says She Didn’t Eat With Princess Grace Until Age 14

Radar Online says that as children, Princess Caroline and brother, Prince Albert, were banned from family meals with Princess Grace Kelly, and they ate alone or with nanny Maureen Wood.

“Until we were 14, we wouldn’t eat with our parents.”


Princess Grace of Monaco suffered an untimely death after a car accident on a “hairpin” turn on a Monaco mountain road. Princess Caroline’s younger sister, Princess Stephanie, was also in the car, breaking her ribs, incurring three cervical fractures, and a shattered collarbone, says Daily Mail.

Princess Caroline Says She Has A Tight Bond With Her Own Four Children

Princess Caroline of Monaco says that despite a cool relationship with her own mother, she has a tight bond with her own four children. Princess Caroline has three children from her second marriage to Italian industrial heir Stefano Casiraghi (who died tragically in a boat crash), Andrea, 33, Charlotte, 31, and Pierre, 30, and a daughter Princess Alexandra with her current husband, Prince Ernst August of Hanover.