Melania Trump Fashion Boldly Describes Her Personality Without Her Talking, Claims Fashion Psychologist

Melania Trump is a woman of fashion and when her husband Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States, many of their political rivals wondered how she could carry herself as a First Lady, and not just a fashion model. She is known for her bright color outfits whenever she’s out in public and her fans have been trying to copy her style. Not only that her outfits have been the talk of the town, but also how she behaves when she’s in front of the people. Now, a fashion psychologist may have analyzed how the FLOTUS’ fashion statements convey secret messages to everyone.

The Daily Mail reported that fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, founder of Fashion Psychology Institute gave out some clues about the messages that First Lady Melania Trump has been trying to send to everyone. From her coat cape, power stilettos, white suit, detailed sleeves, barbie-look, oversized sunglasses, and her conservative body curves. Yes, she doesn’t talk a lot, but according to Miss Karen, her fashion statements speak too loudly.

Dawnn Karen explained that as a model herself, she knows how important it is to appear presentable to the people. From head to toe, she believes that Melania Trump wants to fight the world’s glare.

“She may appear to be difficult to read because she isn’t as flamboyant or as vocal as most First Ladies that we’ve seen in the past. But as a fashion psychologist, when I analyze her I see her as speaking without saying words. She speaks very loudly through her clothing.”

The “Protective” Coat Cape

Melania Trump is often spotted sporting a coat that drapes over her lean shoulders that appears to be a cape-like effect on her. Many people believe that it’s her creative way to avoid holding her husband’s hands amid Stormy Daniels scandal. However, Miss Karen suggests that this is the Slovenia native’s way of saying that she’s “creating a barrier, a protective shield.” Given her “reclusive and introverted nature,” it’s not impossible that she wants to tell people that she has that “superwoman power.”

High Power Stilettos

When Melania and Donald Trump visited hurricane-stricken Texas in August 2017, she suffered a backlash for wearing high heels. According to the fashion psychologist, wearing these high-power stilettos makes the FLOTUS feel more powerful, knowing that she is towering over others.

Pure White Suit

Melania Trump is also fond of wearing all-white outfits. During the State of the Union address in January 2018, she was sporting a Dior white pantsuit, which raised a lot of questions. Apparently, the color white is considered the signature tone of the Democrats. For Miss Karen, the 47-year-old Slovenian model is trying to convey “purity” in sporting white suits after hearsays that she participated activities that were not meant for a First Lady.

“Some say that [Melania] has a lewd, salacious background. That she participated in other activities that were not so ‘First Lady-like.’ Wearing white is kind of an ode to purity that she is trying to portray.”

Flamboyant and Detailed Sleeves

Melania Trump is also fond of sporting flashy and detailed sleeves. According to Miss Karen, this style makes the First Lady more distant from people around her. She often picks dresses with sleeves that would catch attention. However, the fashion psychologist believes that the FLOTUS wants people to notice her, but she doesn’t want them to get too close to her.


Dawnn Karen was also a model before she became a fashion psychologist. She suggested that Melania Trump makes sure that she appears like a Barbie doll with her fresh look when she’s out. As a former model, this look comes from the First Lady’s modeling experience.

Oversized Sunglasses

Melania Trump has also a penchant for massive sunglasses that she often pairs with her outfits. She sported her oversized dark shades during a visit to a hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico, where she was criticized for greeting the people win her sunglasses on. According to Miss Karen, the First Lady uses this as a tactic to avoid making eye contact with the people. With her introvert nature, there is no doubt she’s only doing those things for the sake of her husband’s presidency. The fashion psychologist went on to say that despite the FLOTUS’ efforts to face the people, she can’t hide the possibility that she is actually a very shy and nervous person.

Conservative Curves

Melania Trump might be too conventional when it comes to her outfits, but she’s often photographed with figure-hugging dresses. Miss Karen suggests that despite being conservative, she still wants people to know that she’s a woman and she’s daring.

“That’s still underneath there. That’s still something about her, but she has to figure out another way to convey that sex appeal, without being jarring and without being inappropriate.”

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