‘Dancing With The Stars’ Alum Gets Totally Naked — Even Leaves Dancing Shoes Behind In Photos

There are many ways to mark the end of a honeymoon, but that usually entails hopping on a plane with a bag of souvenirs that you’ve collected during your first weeks of wedded bliss together. It seems Mark Ballas and his wife had their own way to commemorate the end of their honeymoon, and that was to strip down until they were totally naked and then strike a few poses by the pool.

According to Access Online, Ballas and his wife, BC Jean, posted a few photos on Instagram to mark the end of their weeks-long honeymoon. The pictures were posted on Wednesday and the media site is reporting that they are “definitely turning heads.”

Mark gives his fans a full view of his bare bottom as he stands on his hotel balcony overlooking the ocean and gazing out into the horizon. The next shot shows his wife, BC Jean, in the same spot, also without a stitch of clothing on, and gazing at the same view.

Both Instagram photos are captioned — “BACK from our honeyMOON!????????: @bcjean.” You can’t help notice that the “MOON” in “honeymoon” is emphasized, suggests Access Online. The media site suggests that Mark and BC Jean are “likely joking about how they gave fans a full moon.”

They also posted a picture of the two of them together and fully clothed at the start of their honeymoon, which is seen below. The picture of the couple getting ready to embark on their delayed vacation gathered almost 50,000 likes. It also has more comments than you can shake a stick at, with the majority of them wishing them a happy belated honeymoon.

While the couple has been married for one year, they just got around to their honeymoon. They left home on March 27 for an undisclosed location to take their overdue honeymoon. One thing they were adamant about while away — to stay off the social media sites. It appears that after they were done with their social media hiatus, they came back in full force by posting the naked photos of themselves.

Page Six describes Ballas’ picture as a “cheeky Instagram that showed off his butt.” While Mark, 31, is the famous dancer out of the duo, BC Jean, 30, has made quite the name for herself in the music business. She wrote Beyonce’s song “If I Were a Boy.”

BC Jean offered up a trio of reasons for this trip, writing on Instagram, “The time has finally come … our belated Honeymoon, one year anniversary & in general a well-deserved vacation.” Before leaving, she offered up the game plan for this trip to fans, even though she didn’t divulge the location.

She said they were shutting off their phones to ” fully indulge in each other, our love, and a part of the world we have never explored.” She signed off Instagram at the start of their honeymoon trip.

“I’m signing off to be Mrs. Ballas, with one hand holding [Mark’s], the other holding an adult beverage, naked on a beach somewhere I’m assuming we will be inspired to write some more music for #EP3.”

You can see the “honeymoon” pictures here on Mark Ballas’ Instagram page and here on BC Jean’s Instagram page.

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