New England Patriots Rumors: Tom Brady Could Finish NFL Career With Another Team, According To Tom Curran

New England Patriots rumors took an interesting turn during the Dan Patrick Show on April 18. Addressing Tom Brady rumors, Tom Curran of NBC Sports made some startling proclamations during the show. Curran addressed a report he wrote for NBC Sports, discussing the ongoing "cold war" taking place with the New England Patriots. During the interview with Dan Patrick, he answered a series of questions about the situation in Foxboro and what the offseason might hold for the franchise.

Before speaking with Curran, Patrick joked around with the other people in his studio about what Brady has been doing this offseason. They debated about whether Brady was intentionally causing drama this offseason to make it an uncomfortable situation for Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. When Curran got on the phone, he stated that he does feel Brady is doing it on purpose, with the rift stemming from Brady's personal trainer getting banned from the Patriots' facilities.

What really got the New England Patriots rumors stirred up on social media was the answer that Tom Curran gave to one specific point from Dan Patrick. Patrick stated that Currant couldn't possibly see Brady in another uniform, to which the show host received a surprising answer from the NFL analyst.

"I absolutely, positively could, and he has talked openly about that over the years Dan. 'I wanna finish my career here. This is where I want to be. This is the team I want to play for. But not everyone gets to dictate where they finish.' And I absolutely could see him playing someplace else."
There is a lot of drama surrounding the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick. Something else that Tom Curran addressed is the fact that Brady still hasn't committed to playing the 2018 NFL season for the Patriots. While he is under contract and it has been assumed that he is ready to go for another Super Bowl run, local media has not been able to confirm with the team or his handlers what his plans are for the season. This is one of the things that Dan Patrick and Curran feel Brady is doing to cause some chaos in Foxboro.

Curran addressed the non-commital by Brady in another report he wrote about upcoming practices and workouts. So what does it all mean? It might mean nothing. But if the team targets a new quarterback early in the 2018 NFL Draft, it's nearly guaranteed that a new wave of New England Patriots rumors will surface.