Kyle Richards Talks About The Pressures To Look Good While Sharing Her Beauty Advice

While most people recognize Kyle Richards as a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, being on the reality series is not the first time the star has been in front of the camera. In fact, Richards is a former child actor who had roles in such projects as Little House on the Prairie and Escape to Witch Mountain. However, while she may be quite familiar with being in the spotlight and dealing with the cameras being on her, she still feels pressure to look good.

In a new interview with Fox News, Kyle Richards actually shared that even after all of this time being on RHOBH, she often feels like there is still this pressure to make sure she looks her best. While she may always feel the need to look good for the cameras, Richards did say that the thing she loves about being on a reality show is that it still allows her to be herself.

With the series being about the lives of the housewives, Kyle Richards said that “if I’ve gained weight it’s OK, this is life, this is my reality. The weight goes up, it goes down, my skin’s not looking great or whatever it is, it’s part of life.” Even as she feels a sort of pressure to look her very best because she is living her life in front of the camera, Richards also admitted that even in her personal life away from the cameras, she still feels the same desire to look good.

It is because of how she feels about looking good that Kyle Richards has also modified her beauty routine with age. In order to always look her best, Richards shared that she tries different things with her hair and skin to keep things fresh, and this includes cutting her hair, which she apparently did right before her interview with Fox News. The reality star said that her biggest thing is taking care of her skin, because growing up her mother was “fanatical about skincare,” and this is something that was passed on to her, and it is something she has shared with her children.

According to Kyle Richards, when it comes to beauty, she has learned “that whether it’s with your skin or your hair, less is more.” Richards said that she believes that too many products on a person’s skin is “not good,” and she said the most expensive product is not always the best either.

Overall, Kyle Richards believes that it is important to take care of one’s skin and stick to a regimen. It is because of her own regimen and her willingness to try new things that Richards continues to look her best in front of the cameras, even as she still feels a personal sense of pressure to make sure she is always at her best.

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