Shark Rips Man’s Arms and Legs To ‘Shreds’ In Waist-Deep Water: Graphic Photos Show Severity Of Shark Attack

Gruesome photos taken of a man in the aftermath of a shark attack demonstrate the violence the victim endured in this horrific event. The man was attacked by a shark while in shallow water, which is described as being “waist-deep.” The disturbing pictures show the man’s limbs mauled and covered in blood.

According to Page Six, the man’s arms and legs were “ripped to shreds” in this violent attack. The victim is identified as Pablo de Melo by Page Six, along with a few other media sites. He is also identified as Pablo de Mela by another media site, the Express.

He was in shallow water and just a stone’s throw away from the sand on the beach when the predator came from beneath the water’s surface. The graphic pictures of this shark attack are displayed on Page Six.

Melo was just standing in the warm ocean waters enjoying the tropical weather when his life was suddenly in the jaws of this predator. He was on vacation at the time and enjoying what this beach in Brazil had to offer when this shark attacked him and changed his life forever. The injuries to one of Melo’s legs were so severe that his leg needed to be amputated, according to the Express.

Reports indicate the amputation of Melo’s leg was a “life-saving operation.” A woman who sells snacks along the beach where this bloody event occurred described how the shark attack unfolded. Maria Lourenco told reporters that someone spotted the shark and yelled out the warning.

The people on the beach tried to alert those in the water, especially Melo, who was the closest to the shark at the time it was spotted. Lourenco said the victim didn’t have time to get out of the water and was “attacked many times.”

Major Aldo Silva from the fire department said that Melo’s injuries indicated that the shark attacked his legs first and then it appeared Melo tried to fight him off. This is when the injuries to his arms most likely occurred, as he tried to fend off the shark’s open jaws.

Reports indicate that Melo, 34, is thought to be alive today only because of the heroic actions of two men who happened to be nearby when he suddenly became the prey. The two unidentified men risked being the shark’s next conquest as they chased the beast away from the victim.

They were able to get the Melo back to the beach, where lifeguards and fire officers treated him until he was airlifted to a hospital. According to a spokesperson for the Restoration Hospital for emergency surgery, the surgeons could not save the man’s right leg. The doctors performed a four-hour life-saving operation in an attempt to repair Melo’s limbs.

“They were able to divert arteries and veins in his upper and lower arms and restored blood supply,” according to Page Six.

His leg was beyond repair, prompting the amputation in hopes of saving his life. Melo remains on life-support in the intensive care unit, and he is still listed in serious condition.

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