‘Lance Armstrong’ The Movie: J.J. Abrams And Paramount Circle Biopic

With Lance Armstrong’s doping admission in the first of Oprah Winfrey’s historic two-part confessional continuing to viral across the web, the news that J.J Abrams and Paramount have picked up the rights to Juliet Macur’s Cycle Of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong — couldn’t be timed better.

According to Deadline, Paramount and Bad Robot duo Abrams and Bryan Burk intend to make a movie about the disgraced, former Tour de France champion and his 13 year fall from grace.

Macur’s book, at present at proposal stage, is set to be published by Harper Collins. A New York Times sports reporter, Macur has been following Armstrong’s once stellar career for ten years.

That decade included most of Armstrong important titles, his cancer battle, last year’s damning 1000 page report from the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), right up to last night’s humiliating interview with Winfrey.

So no shortage of dramatic material then. The film is still in the early stages of development, and as yet, no director, writer, or cast have been attached, Hitfix notes.

This isn’t the first time Hollywood has came knocking at the Armstrong story.

Cinema Blend reports that Sony Pictures had a biopic in development but it was dropped when Armstrong’s legend started to lose its shine.

From the sounds of things, Abrams, Burk, and Paramount have got in quickly on the wave surrounding Armstrong and hopefully will take it all the way to its endgame. Most will know that this trio are also the team behind the rebooted Star Trek franchise and its next chapter, Star Trek Into Darkness.

So, crucial question: Who should play Armstrong? Share your ideas below.