Yolanda Hadid Shares Pictures From Her Vacation In Undisclosed Location, Says She’s ‘Not Perfect, But Happy’

Many people recognize Yolanda Hadid not only for her modeling but also for her time as one of the housewives on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although the reality star moved away from the Beverly Hills area to the East Coast last year in order to live on a farm, this does not mean she has given up her jet-setting ways. In fact, in new posts on Instagram, Hadid shared pictures that clearly showed she is on vacation and enjoying herself.

As Jet Set from Bravo reported, Yolanda Hadid might be vacationing somewhere beautiful, but she is not telling anyone where that is at this time. Instead, the reality star and model is sharing a sneak peek at her current vacation on social media, including posting a picture looking out of the window of an airplane. The picture looking out of the airplane shows a stretch of turquoise waters that are so clear that the pattern of the sand under the water can be seen, even as a few white clouds are also visible in the sky.

Hadid captioned this post with a heart emoji followed by, “Undisclosed destination…… #FiftyShadesOfBlue #IamInLoveWithYou.”

While the picture does not give any real hints as to where Yolanda Hadid has gone, it is clear she is not in her native Holland and is instead somewhere like the South Pacific, which she visited back in 2016 when she visited Tahiti following her divorce from David Foster.

After she posted the view from the airplane on April 15, Hadid once more took to Instagram in order to show off a picture in her bikini on April 16. The bikini shot clearly shows that the reality star is having a good time wherever she is vacationing. In fact, in the picture, Yolanda Hadid is seen jumping up off the sand with a wide smile on her face and her arms outstretched. The reality star paired her bikini with a pair of sunglasses and a white button-down shirt that was unbuttoned. She even captioned her post with another heart emoji and a message that simply says, “not perfect but happy.”

Even on her Instagram story, Yolanda Hadid has shared pictures from her vacation, including one that reads “heaven on earth” as she seems to be enjoying the sun with the ocean off in the distance. Although Hadid may not be sharing where she is with her followers, that does not mean she is not having a good time in paradise. Perhaps she will show even more pictures from her apparent vacation.

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