T.I. Becomes Raps Biggest Free Agent, Requests $75 Million Contract

Rapper T.I. just completed his 10-year contract with Atlantic Records, and he now has his eye on a $75 million contract.

While $75 million might seem like a steep price to pay, labels are already lining up for the chance to sign the rap supertar.

According to reports, Sony has already offered T.I. the chance at $50 million. Also set to meet with T.I. later this week is Universal.

T.I. recently met with Interscope’s very own Dr. Dre who asked T.I. to join his team, and Jay-Z is believed to be eyeing T.I. for a spot on the RocNation team.

So what exactly does T.I. plan to offer for a whopping $75 million? Here are his terms for a new deal:

– 3 albums
– 10-20 percent of publishing, touring, merchandise, film and TV rights
– Corporate endorsement deals
– Exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artists

With numerous hits to his name and the support of raps biggest names, it is likely that T.I. will receive his $75 million payday. Some analysts in the music business predict T.I. could walk away with an even more lucrative deal.

With T.I. often appearing on the albums of other artists, typically in a guest appearance position, it would be interesting to see him head to a powerhouse rap studio such as those run by Dr. Dre and Jay-Z.

Here’s the type of work T.I. hopes will net him $75 million:

And here:

Do you think T.I. will eventually sign a $75 million deal with a major label? Where do you think he would fit best?