Melania Trump Divorce: As Rumors Of Secret Love Child, ‘Pee Tape’ Swirl, Many Calling On Melania To Dump Trump

Manuel Balce CenetaAP Images

Melania Trump may be holding off on divorcing Donald Trump, but new rumors of a secret love child and the ever-present possibility of the “Pee Tape” have a growing number of people calling on the first lady to dump her husband.

Melania has been the center of divorce rumors for several months now, dating back to Donald Trump’s campaign and the release of the Access Hollywood video that showed him bragging about pursuing married women, while he was still married to Melania. Recent reports indicate that Melania is still sticking by her man, including one from Hollywood Life claiming that Melania is staying with her husband for the sake of their son, Barron.

The internet seems to be hoping otherwise. A growing number of people are calling on Melania Trump to leave her husband, from motivational speaker Tomi Ahonen, to top celebrity divorce attorney Susan Moss, who the New York Daily News noted created an entire presentation based on how she would craft Melania’s divorce settlement.

Much of this speculation has been fueled by a pair of bombshell reports this week. The first claimed that Trump might be hiding a secret love child, fathered with a member of his housekeeping staff. As Politico noted, the reports claimed that the National Enquirer paid off the doorman in Trump’s building, who claimed he knew about the love child and wanted to share his story.


The other involved the infamous “Pee Tape” that was one of the most salacious claims from a dossier alleging that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. In this claim, Trump allegedly ordered prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a Moscow hotel room where Barack Obama and his wife had slept on a previous visit, and this encounter was caught on secret video by Russian intelligence to use as blackmail against Trump.


While there is no evidence to support the “Pee Tape” claim, it was thrust back into the news this week. In Comey’s book, he claimed that Trump was obsessed with disproving the tape’s existence and said he wanted to prove to Melania that it did not exist. As People Magazine reported, Melania Trump believed Donald’s denials.