Melissa McCarthy Flaunts 75-Lb Weight Loss & 'Mom Boobs,' Eats Pot Candy In 'Life Of The Party' [Video]

Joanne Eglash

Melissa McCarthy has been stunning her fans after her 75-pound weight loss. But as McCarthy proves in her newest movie, this funny lady of film hasn't lost any of her comedic talents.

Life Of The Party once again brings together Melissa's acting talents with her husband Ben Falcone helming behind the camera, pointed out ET. McCarthy's character Deanna faces the wrath of her daughter, who is annoyed when Deanna responds to her divorce by heading back to college. That school just happens to be her daughter's university.

Although Deanna does her best to defend her decision to go to college, her explanation that she regrets not getting a degree doesn't stop the mean girl words about the middle-aged woman's figure. That hair (no, Melissa hasn't lost her style sense: It's a wig) also comes in for its share of mocking.

"I don't know what's sadder, the mom perm or the mom boobs."

The second Life Of The Party trailer was just released on April 18. Fans had mixed reactions to what one commentator described as "Melissa McCarthy playing Melissa McCarthy," but most admitted that although her new film is classic McCarthy the comedienne, it still brings chuckles.

"I can't lie. I laughed throughout the trailer," noted one critic.

"I don't regret staying at home and being your mom," emphasizes Deanna. "But I regret not getting my degree."

But there's a happy ending to this housewife's tale, with McCarthy's character getting a new name (Dee Rock) as well as an education in a senior year that she — and her daughter — will never forget. Melissa's fans can get ready to flock to Life Of The Party next month, with the official theater opening slated for May 11.

In addition to McCarthy and Falcone, Gillian Jacobs, Julie Bowen, Matt Walsh, Molly Gordon, Stephen Root, Jessie Ennis, Adria Arjona, Debby Ryan, Jimmy O. Yang, and Luke Benward will attend the movie's premiere. Auburn won the honors of hosting the premiere in a college campus contest held by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema.

Melissa also proudly shared her Life Of The Party video on Instagram.

Several women shared that they related to Melissa's character.

"Looks so funny and relatable! I am a 40 something year old woman working on her college degree."

The popular ketogenic diet has gotten credit for Melissa's weight loss. To take off the pounds, McCarthy's keto diet required drastically cutting her intake of carbohydrates and eliminating sugar.

Melissa ate moderate amounts of protein and consumed generous servings of healthy fats. McCarthy has been enthusiastic about her decision to lose weight, calling it the "best thing" she ever did.

"I feel amazing," added Melissa.