Farrah Abraham Slammed For Instagram Of Sophia, 9, Seeing Butt Injections: ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Defense Shocks

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Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham isn’t exactly a stranger to getting slammed as a bad mom on Instagram. But when Farrah got blasted recently for her Instagram post showing her daughter Sophia, 9, watching as Abraham got butt injections, the mommy-shaming slams seem to have stung more than usual.

When Farrah responded, however, her reaction stunned some of her followers even more than the sight of her daughter observing Abraham’s booty treatments. E News pointed out that Farrah’s fans have become quick to comment on Sophia’s social media activity — and just as fast to blast the Teen Mom alum.

In Abraham’s Instagram post, she offered her fans a “booty secret alert,” showing her butt injections that she promised would provide “the summer ready booty you have always wanted.” Farrah encouraged her Instagram followers to “watch live now” as she shared that the butt injections are over quickly and last for two years.

“I’ve enjoyed this no-pain, quick [booty treatment]….#summerready #smooth #lifted #natural #dimples #butt #squats #momlife #swimsuit #bikinibody #celebritysecrets #buttinjections #2018.”

Abraham’s flood of perky hashtags didn’t distract her shocked fans from noticing that Sophia stood in the background with her cell phone. You can see Farrah’s NSFW Instagram post here.

Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Blasted For Getting Booty Injections In Front of Her ‘Baby’

One of Farrah’s Instagram followers wrote that the “worst” part of the butt injection post was “the fact that you took your child with you.” Another of Abraham’s fans scolded her for having her butt injections “in front of the baby,” pleading with the Teen Mom star to “just stop.”

'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham defended her decision to let Sophia see her butt injections by sharing that children are 'curious.'
'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham defended her decision to let Sophia see her butt injections by sharing that children are 'curious.'Featured image credit: Demis MaryannakisSTAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

Put on the defense, Farrah set herself up for more slams by praising her 9-year-old for learning the art of “aesthetics and health” by seeing her mommy get butt injections.

“This is non-invasive just like blood work or getting shots,” insisted Abraham.

“More power to Sophia learning about aesthetics & health.”

Farrah’s daughter has her own social media accounts, of course, and so Sophia decided to contribute to the heated debate.

Farrah Abraham’s 9-Year-Old Daughter Has Own Social Media Account, Voices Views On Her Mom’s Butt Injections

Apparently knowledgeable about the options for achieving an attractive booty, Sophia even shared her advice to her “momma” on her official social media account.

“This was weird. I would do squats my momma.”

But Sophia also has shared on social media that she loves Farrah, calling her the “best” mom ever in a recent Instagram post.

Despite (or because of) the controversy for which Farrah is known, some Teen Mom fans were saddened by the news that Abraham has decided to stop starring in the popular reality TV show.

“Honestly, webcams or adult entertainment or healthy sex lives or safe sex or all these things. All that stuff is more beneficial and I will always continue to do that if it’s my own show, not on MTV anymore.”

Pointing out that she is “only 26,” Farrah stated that she has “so many paths” to take in her life. She announced that she would have her lawyer contact the producer and wished them the best.

However, Abraham’s fans don’t seem to have let Farrah’s decision to exit Teen Mom OG affect their interest in following her and Sophia on Instagram.

Teen Mom Fans Slam Farrah Abraham For Letting Sophia Go Live On Instagram

Just a few days before the butt injection brouhaha, Farrah got blasted over allowing her daughter to go live on Instagram. In Touch pointed out that the Teen Mom star seems to have a track record of iffy parenting choices.

“Another day, another questionable parenting decision by Farrah Abraham. Fans are slamming the 26-year-old mother for allowing nine-year-old daughter Sophia to go on Instagram Live without any adult supervision.”

Reddit users were upset by seeing Sophia go live on Instagram without being supervised by an adult. Some expressed concerns that “thousands of strangers, some who clearly seem to be pedophiles” could watch.

Among the critics, several asked why Abraham’s daughter was allowed to have her own social media platform. One user revealed that the 9-year-old’s account had been reported, citing Instagram policy’s about the age of users.

“Those creeps’ comments are a prime reason why kids under 13 shouldn’t have an Instagram,” added the concerned user.