Duggar Family Takes Kids Shopping In Texas But Skips Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo’s Baby Shower

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In the early days of 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggar family was known for their spendthrift ways. Having 19 kids meant that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had to always look for ways to save money instead of spending unwisely. However, after years of being on reality TV and putting the limelight on the second-generation Duggars like Jinger, Jessa, Joy, and more on a new spin-off, the family has started to loosen their purse strings and really enjoy shopping. In fact, they had so much fun spending money on their trip to Texas that they even missed out on Jinger Duggar’s baby shower.

Jim Bob and Michelle have confessed in the past that they were once in debt. However, they decided to make “buy used safe the difference” as their motto and turn their financial lives around, according to Parenting.

“You can cut corners when you realize that you have a certain amount to work with,” Michelle said in the interview. “The trap when you’re in debt and you’re using credit a lot, is that you think the sky’s the limit. You’re in that mindset. But then the payments begin to fall on you, so there really isn’t that freedom. That’s why they named that seminar “financial freedom” because it really is a freedom when you’re not borrowing.”

“We have a lot of family recipes that save us money, like tater tot casserole and ice cream cake and that kind of stuff,” Jim Bob continued. “But we also have recipes for homemade laundry soap and homemade wet wipes. We’ve saved a lot of money that way.”

Fast forward a few years and the Duggars no longer have such strict rules when it comes to purchasing items. For last Christmas, many of the Duggar kids received brand-new toys, which surprised the long-time fans that always thought that the parents shopped only at thrift stores.

And now, it looks like they are letting their kids try their hand at shopping at upscale places. During their Texan road trip, the family stopped at Magnolia in Waco, Texas to visit the Silos and the shopping complex. There, they snapped a picture of the kids loving retail therapy.

A fan even pointed out how expensive items are at this shop.

Despite the fact that they drove all the way to Texas, they did not show up at Jinger and Jeremy’s baby shower. As a matter of fact, the baby shower was organized not by family members, but by their new friends, Margarita and Juan Manuel Johnson, in Laredo.


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Jinger Duggar is expected to give birth in July 2018.