‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Becomes Frantic, Anna Plans On Bringing Emma In On Her Plan, Jason Balks

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there will be a lot of misfortune for Port Charles residents. Avery might end up in danger while Jason (Steve Burton) and Anna (Finola Hughes) will have a role reversal.

Baby In Danger

Spoilers from Soap Hub tease that Mike (Max Gail) will continue to experience a mental decline, which could spell big trouble for Sonny. The mob boss realized his old man was at Croton and he could have known about the body he dumped there. Of course, Sonny will send Jason to figure things out. He will also push Mike to remember if he tattled about it to anyone. Information as big as this could pose a huge threat not just to Sonny, but also to the people around him.

Aside from that, General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Stella will try to help out Sonny with his father and give him the support he needs. Stella telling Sonny things will become more complicated seems to be a cue for Mike to do something unexpected. General Hospital spoilers tease that he will remember that he has to meet Carly at the park with Avery. However, he will forget where he is supposed to go.

Meanwhile, Ava (Maura West), who has been waiting for Avery and Carly at the pub, will be infuriated when no one shows up. However, the anger will soon turn into fear.

As for Carly, it seems like she will become even more interested in learning who is behind her haunting. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will find a note in her car right after she meets Griffin and reassures him that she is perfectly fine. Nothing seems to be going well in the Corinthos family, at least for now.

Bad Ideas

Meanwhile, there seems to be a role reversal between Jason and Anna. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the man who is not afraid to do Sonny’s dirty business is complaining about breaking the law after Anna suggested they do something illegal. Anna and Jason have a common goal -they are both looking for Henrik.

Jason is already complaining about Anna’s plans, and he becomes even more doubtful when the woman, who seems to be one of the most reasonable voices in town, suggests they take Emma with them. Jason might have to make a tough decision on this one, but he is desperate to find Henrik too, so he might give in.

As if that’s not enough General Hospital spoilers hint that Anna might also bring in Robin in the mix.