‘Counting On’ Star Josiah Duggar’s Fiancee Breaks One Of Jim Bob Duggar’s Biggest Rules In Texas

Only the Duggar family can make headlines when the women wear on outfit showing their knees. Counting On star Josiah Duggar and his fiancee, Lauren Swanson, went to San Antonio this past weekend, and it looks like she is joining the rebel ranks of her future sisters-in-law Jill and Jinger by wearing a skirt short enough to show off her legs from the knees down during the trip. Now fans want to know, will she continue to break Jim Bob’s rules and wear pants next?

According to In Touch Weekly, Swanson showed off her knees in a denim skirt when the couple posed for a pic sitting on some stairs next to the famous San Antonio Riverwalk.

“Enjoyed a beautiful evening in San Antonio on the river walk and checking out the Alamo with Lauren and the family!” Duggar wrote in the caption of his Instagram slideshow.

The pictures excited fans because Swanson dressed a little more boldly than usual. And, they are hoping that once she gets married, Josiah will allow her to wear whatever she wants. As fans already know, in the Duggar universe, a woman’s father is in charge of her dress code until she marries, then the job transfers to her husband.

Out of the four Duggar girls who have married, three of them have a husband who allows shorter skirts, pants, and high heels. However, the Duggar guys who have tied the knot – Josh and Joseph – have seemingly adopted their dad’s clothing rules and kept their wives’ skirts and dresses down to the ankles.

Fans have hope that Josiah will be different and allow Swanson to have more freedom with her clothing and maybe even wear pants like her sisters-in-law.

During their vacation, the couple seemed to take advantage of the rule that allows them to hold hands and give side hugs now that they are engaged. Josiah posted a pic on Instagram of the two holding hands at the Alamo, and he seems to be getting a little restless about not getting alone time with his future bride since he posted a pic of his younger brother Jason crashing their “date” with the caption “third wheel problems.”

Of course, according to Duggar rules, to make sure they don’t do anything sinister, the couple must be chaperoned until they tie the knot, which is expected to happen later this summer.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson will return with the rest of the Duggar family with new episodes of Counting On this summer on TLC.

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