Rebel ‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Duggar May Have Been Breaking One Major Duggar Rule Before She Was Married

Duggar Family Facebook

There are plenty of gems to be found in the Duggar family’s Instagram feed, but once in awhile, we find something that offers a little more insight than the random pic. For example, Jinger Duggar posted an unusual amount of selfies to her family’s Instagram prior to marrying Jeremy Vuolo. As Counting On fans know, the Duggars do not allow their kids to post on social media before they get married. Was rebel Jinger breaking the family rules before anyone knew it?

According to In Touch Weekly, there is good evidence that supports the theory that Jinger ran her family’s Instagram account when she was a teenager. The majority of the family’s posts are pretty generic and simple identify whoever is in the photo.

But every once in awhile, the caption is a bit more personal and written from the first-person. It is possible that these posts were composed by Jinger’s mother, Michelle Duggar, but given how Jinger is the subject of a lot of these pics, it’s more likely that she was the one sharing the photos.

For example, there is a picture of James and Jinger taking driving lessons, with the caption, “Look out drivers, we are getting some more practice in!”

Then there’s the photo of Joy-Anna and Jinger spending some time together before her wedding. The photo was taken two months before Jinger tied the knot, and was captioned: “At the hotel on a wedding planning trip. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful sisters to share this process with. Since we have done a few already, we got the hang of it!”

It’s also no secret that Jinger loves playing the part of family photographer. She took pictures for Josiah Duggar’s senior portraits and captured a few shots of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald together.

Jinger’s current Instagram account is a testament to how much she enjoys photography. We can’t say for sure that Jinger was the one managing the family’s Instagram, but it seems highly likely.

The only problem with Jinger posting to social media is that it is against the family’s strict set of rules. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar do not allow their kids to have social media accounts until after they are married.

Jinger, of course, is known as being the rebel of the family, so it makes sense that she would ignore these rules as well. As fans will recall, Jinger was the first female member of the family to rock a pair of jeans in public. She also broke a few rules during her courtship with Jeremy Vuolo. Given her rebellious streak, we can totally see Jinger running the family’s social media accounts before getting hitched.

That said, the Duggars will probably never admit to Jinger posting to Instagram before she was married, so we may never know the truth.

Fans can catch more of Jinger Duggar when the new season of Counting On premieres on TLC later this summer.