‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Looks For A Body, Michael Helps Maxie, Lulu Gives Up On Henrik

General Hospital spoilers reveal more suspense as more characters are backed into a wall. Sonny (Maurice Benard) worries for Carly (Laura Wright), but he has a more urgent matter in his hands. His father might have divulged a secret which could put him in trouble, and he will send Jason to do a risky job. Meanwhile, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) will strike an unlikely friendship.

Risky Jobs

Soap Hub spoilers forGeneral Hospital reveals that Sonny will send Jason out on a mission. He will have a lot of concerns. Carly told her husband that someone is out trying to mess up with her mind, but Sonny will also feel like there’s a looming threat because Mike knew about the body he dumped in Croton.

For his piece of mind, he will send Jason to look into the matter and try to see if the body is still where he left it years ago. Sonny will theorize that Mike has been tailing him when he went on his mission then, and this means that he may have divulged the information to someone else. If this is the case, someone could be out to get Sonny, and he has to watch his back.

Then, there’s the issue about Henrik. General Hospital spoilers suggest Jason will continue to pursue any leads leading to Faison’s child. He wants Drew’s (Billy Miller) memory as much and maybe more than his twin brother does. Those memories hold the explanation for all his pain, and he won’t rest easy until he gets some answers.

New Parents

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Maxie will have a friend help her out while she is at a birthing class. It appears like Michael will be assisting Maxie. Of course, it’s quite useful since he will also be a father soon. However, the friendship between this two seems to be hinting at what’s going to happen next.

As for Michael’s baby momma, Nelle will also find someone who will encourage her to bolster on. Nelle seems to be in a great mood considering how much fear she instilled in Carly.

Slippery Henrik

Across town, General Hospital spoilers hint that Nina will continue to look for information about Peter, and it seems like she will stop at nothing to obtain the information she wants.

Lulu will decide to give up the search for Henrik. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Peter will have a strong reaction when she decides to tell him her decision, how he reacts remains to be seen.