WWE News: Former US Champion Suggests Return To WWE Like Lashley, If Company Is Interested

The recent return of Lashley to the WWE has a lot of fans excited, as well as another former superstar who held several championships. The WWE Universe watched as Bobby Lashley showed up on this past Monday’s episode of Raw and immediately made a statement. The man who had transitioned to mixed martial arts for a while and TNA Impact Wrestling is now back with WWE and put an exclamation point on it with a quick win over Elias. One of the superstars who came into his own during Lashley’s era tweeted about the recent event.

On Tuesday, Montell Vontavius Porter, aka “MVP,” tweeted out what looked like a blatant suggestion that he wouldn’t mind returning to the WWE — if the company makes it happen. The former United States and tag team champion said in his tweet that he could be “persuaded to return” to the professional wrestling company. That shouldn’t indicate that he “wants it,” though.

The pro wrestling star added that it could happen “if WWE is interested in such a dynamic” followed by another “IF” to further make his point. It seems that simple tweet is a clear indication that one of the hottest free agents in sports entertainment wouldn’t mind another run with the company. Fans probably wouldn’t mind seeing that either as MVP was among one of the more popular gimmick stars back in the day of Mr. Kennedy, Lashley, and Finlay.

wwe star mvp tweeted about lashley wwe return
Professional wrestling star MVP recently suggested that WWE could possibly ‘persuade’ him to return.

He made a brief appearance with the WWE recently, as he was part of the Raw 25th Anniversary special several months ago. While he wasn’t part of a match, he was backstage as part of a segment that involved JBL, Ron Simmons, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, and other longtime superstars playing a high stakes card game.

MVP, whose real name is Alvin Antonio Burke Jr., was with WWE from 2006 through 2010 and enjoyed a good bit of success during that time. He captured the WWE United States Championship twice and the tag team titles with Matt Hardy for one reign. He also nabbed at ranking at the No. 23 spot on the PWI 500 best singles wrestlers for 2008.

Right now, MVP is 44 years old which isn’t exactly young in terms of working matches, but based on other superstars the WWE has brought back, it isn’t prehistoric either. Lashley is just three years younger. John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Triple H are also in their 40s. In comparison, The Undertaker is now 53 and back to performing two matches in the same month.

The former US Champion followed up his initial tweet with another one to make things clear. In that later tweet, MVP wanted to make sure a website’s recent news headline saying he’d announced he wants to return to WWE would be clarified. MVP indicated again that he said he could be “persuaded” to return, not that he was saying he “wants to return,” yet.

All of that said, it’s not too hard to fathom that the WWE might welcome MVP back in some capacity as he was one of the fan favorite acts back in the heyday of SmackDown. WWE could reintroduce the “VIP Lounge,” the popular in-ring talk show segment hosted by MVP as a counter to “Miz TV” over on Raw.

MVP could also make a good ringside manager or mentor for a tag team such as Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable as they try to move into title contention. He and Benjamin used to work together on the blue brand. There seems to be plenty of ideas available, but now the WWE needs to make it happen.