‘Counting On’ Fans Are Disgusted By Josh Duggar’s Presence At Jinger Duggar’S Baby Shower, Reports ‘In Touch’

The Duggar family recently visited Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, in Texas in order to see her reveal that she is expecting a baby girl. Tagging along with the group was Josh Duggar, the disgraced oldest Duggar child, who admitted to molesting four of his younger siblings as a teen, including Jinger. Although 19 Kids and Counting was pulled from TLC when it was discovered that he had been hiding this nefarious secret (and that his family was covering it up), the family continued to grace the small screen with a spin-off entitled Counting On. While Josh doesn’t appear on the show any longer, he does appear on the family’s social media every now and then, and according to In Touch,fans are not happy about it.

Some fans of the Duggar family insist that God has forgiven Josh and that he should be allowed back on the show, while many find him generally to be unpleasant. Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, took a hiatus from social media for a couple of years after the scandal broke. However, just after the molestation scandal hit, news also broke that Josh had been using the internet to hook up with women behind his wife’s back.

Recently on Reddit, fans were outraged by his appearance on social media, stating that he was overweight and “greasy.” One Counting On fan stated that he appeared to be the type of man to sit at the computer all day watching porn and eating Cheetos, and not taking care of his appearance at all.

As previously mentioned by Inquisitr, some fans noticed that Anna Duggar’s belly looked a little more round than usual. Although she did deliver her fifth child not too long ago, some speculated that she could be pregnant with baby number six, though fans hoped this wasn’t true. After returning from a faith-based treatment facility, Josh and Anna added their fifth child to their brood, even though many fans questioned why Anna would not only stay with him but continue to be intimate with him.

One “fan” also stated that they hoped his bloated appearance would end his “sex appeal” in his “own mind.”

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