Donald Trump Reportedly Likes Only One Of His Five Children: ‘Metro’ Cites Sources Revealing Which One

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President Donald Trump has five children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron. While they range in age (pre-teen to adult), location (not all are in Washington, D.C. with their presidential dad), and occupation (the five are focused on everything from school to helping Trump run the nation), one of Donald’s daughters reportedly has something special going for her. According to a new report, Trump actually likes only one of his offspring.

Ivanka Trump Reportedly Rules As Only Child Donald Trump Actually Likes

Previous reports have hinted that Donald favors Ivanka over Tiffany, pointed out Metro. But it’s not just Tiffany who ranks below Ivanka on President Trump’s list of preferred kids, according to the publication.

“Donald Trump prefers his daughter Ivanka to her younger sister Tiffany — a long, documented trail of suggestive quotes and passive-aggressive Twitter comma placement stands as evidence….Ivanka is Trump’s only child he actually likes.”

Large families tend to assign (officially or unofficially) roles to the kids, such as the pretty youngster, the smart child, and the funny kid. In Fire & Fury, Michael Wolff claimed that it is Ivanka who has taken on the role of the Trump family’s “designated smart person, her husband Jared the family’s smooth operator.” As for Donald Jr. and Eric, the author alleges that President Trump enjoyed regularly stating that his two oldest sons “were in the back of the room when God handed out brains.”

Filming Of The Apprentice Reportedly Showed Donald Jr. ‘Terrified’ Of Trump

When The Apprentice was filmed with Trump Jr., he reportedly was seen being “smacked around” by Trump Sr. because he did not welcome his dad at the door wearing the suit that Donald Sr. felt was appropriate for the situation. Trump Jr.’s hallmates in the dorm reportedly viewed the embarrassing reaction. President Trump also was described as upset that Vanessa and Donald Jr. chose to divorce because he had tried to keep them united in their marriage.

'Ivanka is a great, great beauty,' Donald Trump once said about his daughter.
'Ivanka is a great, great beauty,' Donald Trump once said about his daughter.Featured image credit: J. Scott ApplewhiteAP Images

Eric Trump reportedly also hasn’t lived up to his father’s expectations. In particular, Eric’s comments about Russia have caused issues, according to Metro.

“Eric Trump has the chance to become at least an equal disappointment to his father [as Donald Jr.]. It’s his quotes about the Trump Organization’s ties to Russia that stand in direct conflict to the president’s insistence that they have no ties to Russia.”

The President said that he had “nothing to do” with Russia, but Eric previously said that the Trump family had “all the funding we need out of Russia.”

Ivanka Trump Versus Tiffany And Barron Trump

While Donald Trump Sr. has frequently talked about Ivanka, his comments about Eric are rare. As for Tiffany Trump, Newsweek reported that she has become known as the “forgotten daughter.” Tiffany’s mother Marla Maples recently posted a throwback photo on Instagram, and Marla has discussed Donald Trump as a father.

While Maples stated that President Trump “loves his kids,” she admitted that he failed to “be there with day-to-day skills as a parent.”

First Son Barron Trump’s relationship with Donald Trump Sr. also has come in for scrutiny, reported Newsweek. Melania Trump chose a school (St. Andrew’s) that involves an hour total commute time for Barron.

“[The choice of school for Barron Trump] could signal that the first lady and first son intend to continue keeping their distance from President Donald Trump.”

Previous presidents have sent their youngsters to schools that were near the White House. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton opted for Sidwell Friends School for their offspring, which is just four miles from the Presidential home. Amy Carter also stayed close to her parents by attending Thaddeus Stevens Elementary School, located within a mile from the White House, and Rose Lees Hardy Middle School, just three miles away.