The New Hulu-Spotify Bundle Is A Great Deal If You Don’t Mind Commercials

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The new Hulu-Spotify bundle is a great deal for almost everybody, but like every great deal, there are caveats. Hulu, the streaming giant that is now producing award-winning programming like Handmaid’s Tale, is teaming up with the streaming music service Spotify and offering a new monthly package for $12.99. Previously, Spotify offered student deals and family plans to save users money, but now they are jumping on board to save money each month for those already subscribing to Hulu.

The New Hulu And Spotify Bundle Best Benefits Spotify Users Who Want To Try Hulu

So what’s the catch? Alex Cranz from Gizmodo explains the plus and minuses of the Hulu-Spotify bundle in detail, saying that this new bundle will best benefit those who have Spotify and Hulu’s “limited commercials” plan or have Spotify and want to give Hulu a try, essentially for $1 a month.

But if you are already and Hulu user, and want to try Spotify, the deal isn’t quite as sweet.

“Less choice is if you’re already subscribing to Hulu’s $8 ‘limited commercial’ plan as you’ll now have to fork over an additional $5 for Spotify, and there’s no $1 special for current subscribers looking to listen to more tunes.”


Hulu Is Mainly Courting Spotify Users Who Are Interested In Cord-Cutting

And if you are already a Hulu subscriber who uses the $12 no commercial plan or the $40 Hulu with Live TV plan, there is no deal for you, as you have already started down the path to cord-cutting.

“In fact really this deal seems to be Hulu’s way of luring Spotify’s nearly 71 million active subscribers onto its cord-cutting service. By comparison, Hulu has just 17 million subscribers. If even a fraction of Spotify’s user-base took advantage of the deal, Hulu’s subscription numbers could dramatically improve.”

Spotify users interested in the Spotify-Hulu bundle can go to the bundle page on Spotify.


Hulu and Spotify teamed up previously in September to offer a $4.99 per month package for students which gave people access to the Spotify music library and the Hulu entry-level package, reports Variety.

The Hulu And Spotify Bundle Has Been Beneficial To Both Companies In The Past

Spotify chief premium business officer Alex Norstrom says that the success of the initial partnership with Hulu convinced the two companies to roll out other Hulu and Spotify bundles to benefit a more mainstream market.

“Our student launch with Hulu was incredibly well received and we are excited to extend our reach by bringing Hulu to more of our Premium members in the U.S. With this exclusive Spotify offer, we are bundling two top media platforms for an unbeatable price.”

Hulu’s senior VP Tim Connolly agrees that the services Hulu offers dovetail nicely with Spotify.

“Based on the outstanding performance of the Spotify and Hulu student package, it’s clear that consumers love to combine their music and television experiences together.”

Bundling the services makes economic sense for Hulu and Spotify, as the deal is only available to those who get billed through the package, saving Hulu and Spotify money by cutting out third-party billing agencies. Spotify clearly spells out that users who bill their subscription through Apple’s App Store or Google Play are not eligible to receive the discounted Hulu “limited commercial” package.