Tristan Thompson’s Mystery Girl Who Released Sex Tape Claims She’s Pregnant! Khloe Kardashian Breaks Silence

Khloe Kardashian is set to give birth any time but the supposed happy event is now marred by unpleasant news as the baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, is being accused of cheating. The worst thing is that the allegations appear to be true since videos and photos showing the NBA player kissing different women were posted online.

Tristan Thompson got into deeper trouble as a certain woman, who was only known as Ms. Stephaniee, also shared an explicit video where she and Khloe’s boyfriend supposedly engaged in sexual intercourse. As TMZ reported, the woman posted the sex tape last weekend but it was quickly deleted.

Ms. Stephaniee said that she was the woman who went back to the hotel with Thompson. Aside from the short clip that she uploaded online, she also shared several messages containing raunchy texts. Although, neither her face nor Tristan’s is clearly visible in the video, many believe that it was really them on the clip.

Now, after posting and deleting the sex tape and messages, Ms. Stephaniee now claims that she is pregnant! According to Mirror, while Khloe Kardashian is due to give birth any day now, another woman just declared that she is also pregnant with Thompson’s child!

After the woman posted the x-rated video, she explained that she was taken on March 21 and wrote on her Instagram story:

“I’m pregnant too since everything out here,” she added. “Ain’t the only Cavs player either. There’s 1 more.”

However, these posts are not available now since she deleted her entire account. Presumably, she was forced to deactivate it after overwhelming backlash from Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans. It is also possible that Instagram suspended her account for posting a lewd video.

As the news of Tristan cheating on her spread, Khloe Kardashian’s reaction was unexpected. Mirror reported that the KUWTK star broke her silence by simply shrugging it all off. She acted as if nothing happened.

Further, it was said that Khloe just keeps on saying that the baby’s health comes first before all of these lies about Tristan cheating on her. Insiders also alleged that Khloe told her sisters that the scandal was just “a big misunderstanding” and her boyfriend will explain everything later.

Meanwhile, the Kardashian clan does not feel the same way as Khloe. Apparently, they are so mad that they unfollowed the NBA star on Instagram.