PS5 Reportedly Already In The Works And Possibly Released Next Year, New Console Not Backwards Compatible

Christian PetersenGetty Images

Sony is reportedly already busy developing its long-awaited next generation console, the PlayStation 5, but sources say that it might not be hitting shelves sooner than expected. According to a report from Kotaku, the new console apparently already exists, but Sony has yet to determine when it will be releasing it to the public. The report further reveals that its sources have pinpointed the release date to be sometime in 2020 or late in 2019 at the earliest. Two developers familiar with the project also reportedly confirmed the possible release dates, but stated that a lot can happen in coming months. They mentioned that the release date could be moved to a later date and Sony is apparently just trying to find the right moment to release its new hardware for maximum profit and exposure.

Previous reports and rumors had originally pegged the release of the PlayStation 5 to be sometime this year. However, that is becoming very unlikely based on the recent revelations. It also has to be noted that game developers have not yet received any type of confirmation from Sony regarding an upcoming new hardware upgrade. As reported by GameSpot, game developers have also not yet received any “devkits” for them to start working on titles for the new gaming console.


Another big detail that was mentioned in the reports is that the PlayStation 5 will apparently not be able to play any of the current PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro games. Inversely, PlayStation 5 titles will not be playable on the older consoles. Most of the games that were originally released for the PlayStation 4 are compatible with the Pro version, while some titles for the PlayStation 4 Pro are playable on the older system. This is also true for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox One X.

The lack of backwards compatibility does indicate that the upcoming new gaming console may be featuring significantly advanced hardware, given the fact that titles developed specifically for it won’t run on the older systems. This may be very good news for new console players, but it might a deal breaker for some PlayStation 4 owners who just want to upgrade their systems while still being able to play their favorite PlayStation 4 titles.