Jordan Rodgers Honors Brother Luke On National Sibling Day, Leaves Out Aaron Rodgers

Mandy Robinson

Jordan Rodgers decided to pay a tribute to his older brother Luke for National Sibling Day, but he left out his other brother, Aaron. These two have been through their own issues over the years, and it looks like they aren't getting along still. People shared about the post that Jordan made that has fans talking.

In this picture, Jordan and Luke are standing together with their arms around each other. Jordan makes sure to mention his thoughts on his brother Luke, but actually acts like Aaron doesn't even exist. There is no mention of the issues they have had over the years or of working it out. Jordan talks about how he has always looked up to his brother Luke.

A source close to the family is speaking out and saying that there is always drama when it comes to the brothers, but they do love each other. The source even went on to talk about how the whole family knows that Jordan probably did this post on purpose. He could have simply not posted about National Sibling Day, but instead, he posted and left Aaron out. You know that everyone is going to notice that when it happened.

The source even went as far as to say that he knows that Aaron loves Jordan. Their drama has really been in the public eye since Jordan Rodgers was on The Bachelorette. He talked about his brother and everyone noticed that Aaron wasn't at his hometown date. Now that both brothers are so public, everything they do is in the public eye. Everyone has been hopeful that they would work out the issues, but it just hasn't happened for them.

When on The Bachelorette, Jordan met JoJo Fletcher and they fell in love. These two are still together but haven't tied the knot yet. Fans do wonder why they haven't gotten married, but it looks like everything is going great between them. You have to wonder if Jordan would ever even invite Aaron to his wedding.