‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Obsessed With Faison’s Lighter, Maxie Wants More From Peter

The search for Henrik continues, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Anna (Finola Hughes) will look into Faison’s lighter next. She is becoming obsessed with clues, and everyone can see just how invested she is in the search although she has been keeping information to herself.

Of course, Jason (Steve Burton) will notice her behavior, and he seems to have gotten the impression that this is a private matter to Anna. It appears that Jason will try to go along with Anna’s plans because he also wants to find the memories Drew (Billy Miller) lost. Jason is not someone who will leave things half undone and even after accepting his fate, he needs to know why he has to go through such a tormenting experience. Spoilers from Soap Hub also reveal that Anna will come up with a plan, and it seems like she will see Jason as the perfect person to share that plan with.

Peter Tries To Erase Henrik

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that the person Anna and Jason are desperate to find will try his best to stay hidden. Peter (Wes Ramsey) already knows Griffin is fully aware whose son he is, but he will continue to find a way to make Henrik’s coverup stronger.

Speaking of Maxie, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she wants to obtain some information from Peter and it seems to have something to do with the book. Of course, she will still try to conceal some things from her new BFF including the reason why she can’t forgive Lulu. Their falling out continues, and Maxie already declared war on her friend after the incident with Faison.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Maxie will also discover that Peter has been things from her which seems to be entirely unfair since she already bared her soul to the guy. She’s not aware of Peter’s real identity yet, but things will take an exciting turn when she figures out the truth.

Henrik continues to be slippery and elusive, but there’s someone else who will have a different approach – Nina. General Hospital Spoilers tease suggest that she will put Curtis to work and she might uncover more from investigating into Peter’s background which could reveal his identity as Henrik

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