Cardi B Opens Up About Her Pregnancy And Impending Motherhood

During her stint on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, Cardi B finally confirmed the rumors that she is in fact pregnant. While the “Bodak Yellow” singer had been purposely avoiding answering questions about whether or not she was pregnant leading up to her SNL performance, Cardi B had no problem showing off her baby bump in a form-fitting white dress during her performance of “Be Careful,” even after having played it coy in her earlier set. Now that her pregnancy has been confirmed, the singer is answering questions about her impeding motherhood, and if she is ready to be a first time mom.

According to the Daily Mail, Cardi B sat down for a radio interview with the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, where she opened up about her pregnancy and being prepared to have a child. As someone who has proven herself to be very outspoken and candid, Cardi B had no problem sharing her thoughts on being pregnant, admitting that, “it wasn’t planned.” She explained that when it came time to make a decision as to whether she could handle both a burgeoning music career and having a baby with her fiancee, she decided that she would be able to have both a career and a child.

Cardi B pointed out that she is a “grown woman” at the age of 25, and she knows that she has money, which will help make raising her child easier. As the singer explained, “I’m going to say this in the most humblest way. I’m a shmillionaire.”

While Cardi B may have said that she was prepared to be a mother, that does not mean there were not moments where she thought about the alternative. When asked if she had considered an abortion, the “Bodak Yellow” singer said, “Kinda, sorta. But then again no,” because she really did not want to even deal with “the whole abortion thing.” When asked if one of those things she would be dealing with was regrets, the singer confirmed that this was definitely one of the considerations.

Although there may have been some doubts early on, Cardi B has apparently embraced being pregnant. In fact, it seems that she is actually excited about being a mother and has even started putting together a “lavish nursery.” For now there is no word as to whether the baby is a boy or a girl, so it seems that Cardi B is staying gender neutral with her current nursery decor, but no matter what she will be ready when she welcomes her first child into the world.

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