Melania Trump Popular Google Searches Over Past 30 Days: Divorce, Stormy, And Jimmy Kimmel

Manuel Balce CenetaAP Images

The top queries that web users want to know about First Lady Melania Trump can be discovered via social media platforms and through the tools that Google provides. Merely typing “Melania” into Twitter’s search engine reveals that terms like “Melania Trump photos” join other common search queries of users seeking Melania with the Easter Bunny, Melania’s pictures, and information about Melania and divorce.

On Facebook, typing “Melania” into the social network’s search engine results in popular search suggestions such as “Melania Stormy” as well as “Melania divorce.” According to Google Trends, some of the top queries about Melania over the past 30 days mirror the same search terms that users are searching for via social media.

The search engine giant reports “breakout” popular terms like “Jimmy Kimmel Melania Trump,” in reference to the late-night talk show host recently making fun of the first lady’s foreign accent, as reported by the Inquisitr.

“Melania Knew” is also a popular query, which is the title of a recent New York Times opinion piece.

In addition, Google reports a fascination with the “Melania Trump Easter dress,” which was a $3,072.13 design by Alaia, which Melania paired with $806.62 white Christian Louboutin shoes. The popular Easter dress was nearly sold out after the first lady wore the ensemble.

Google also reports the popularity of the search term “Melania Trump filed for divorce” as a breakout search term over the past month. The specific phrase has remained a popular query as of late, even though Snopes reports that Melania has not filed for divorce from President Donald Trump.

Joining the divorce queries often coupled with Melania’s name are questions about her heritage. “Where was Melania Trump born?” is a question asked in “breakout” numbers, according to Google. Queries like “When did Trump and Melania marry?” have jumped 3,950 percent during the past 30 days.

Another name often included with Melania’s is that of adult film star Stormy Daniels. The term “Melania Trump Stormy story” is also listed as a breakout search term. After queries about Melania and Easter — which have increased anywhere from 1,650 to 2,350 percent based upon the wording — the names “Melania and Stormy” have increased 900 percent, whereas “Stormy and Trump” has swelled 750 percent.

Plenty of curious searches asked Google, “Where is Melania Trump today?”

They have also asked Google, “Is Melania a U.S. citizen?”

However, the ever-present question reigning in some Googlers minds being asked of Google is, “Will Melania divorce Trump?”